What Every VR Gamer Needs to Have: A Full List of Gadgets

Everyone who uses the Internet or plays computer games has heard about virtual reality at least once. But what is it, and what possibilities does it hide in itself?

The entertainment market is by far the largest consumer of virtual reality technologies. But in fact, there are many applications for VR, and VR gaming (and Metaverse gaming already) plays a significant part among them.

The use of a three-dimensional (3-D) artificial environment in computer games is known as virtual reality gaming. Virtual reality environments are created using VR software and presented to the user so that they outpace the real-world environment, causing suspension of disbelief and assisting the user in experiencing the VR environment as accurately.

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VR Headset

There is now a virtual reality! Since the debut of the first VR headsets in 2016, the virtual reality industry has experienced massive development. Thanks to recent technological advancements, VR has developed to the point where customers can now select from various hardware, games, and media.

The high price tags manufacturers tacked on to their products were one of the biggest obstacles VR faced when it came out. Simply put, it wasn’t accessible. Since then, VR has developed into a popular and reasonably priced form of entertainment. Even though VR is still considered expensive entertainment, prices have dropped a lot since the initial release in hopes of catering to a larger section of the general public.

Below is a short list of some of the features we consider when choosing the best VR products:

✅ Screen resolution

✅ Price

✅ Comfort

✅ User interface

✅ Aesthetics

✅ Build quality and reliability

PC-connected VR headsets provide the best experience but are expensive to set up. However, a VR-compatible laptop today starts at around $900, and you can save about $200 if you put together a similarly powerful desktop yourself. If you want to save even more money, look for models that can be used with smartphones or stand-alone headsets that don’t require any connection.

VR Controller Grips

People with larger hands might find standard controllers too small and uncomfortable. A solution to this is to use a controller grip. A controller grip is a plastic shell that slips around the controller itself. It adds a bit of bulk to the controller, but the shell makes the controller’s buttons and sticks larger, making them easier to hit. 

Controller grips are an extremely popular accessory for gaming. They are compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One controllers. So what are they? They use a twin-grip system to give your hands extra support when your hands are getting sore or sweaty during extended gameplay. The twin-grip system provides you with more comfort when playing for extended periods.

“Manufacturers offer more comfortable grips that won’t slip from hands. Some grips have different colored buttons to assist gamers with color coding during gameplay. They can be either custom or universal fit.”

✅ You might want to add a controller grip to your Xbox One controller for several reasons. Here are just a few ideas:

✅ You have small hands, and the controller is too big.

✅ You play a lot of shooters and have a hard time reaching some of the buttons.

✅ You have carpal tunnel syndrome or another condition that causes pain in your hands when playing for long stretches.

VR Trackers

As a result, they enable full-body tracking for VR social avatars, and when combined with objects, they allow virtual reality to include various accessories such as weapons.

The face trackers allow you to accurately detect mouth movements and facial expressions with low latency, according to the product description. It is used in social VR applications and virtual meetings to provide more realistic communication.

VR Headset Lens Protectors

It doesn’t matter which VR headset you own; they all share the need to safeguard those glasses in virtual worlds. Your VR experience can be ruined if you scratch them or cause any other damage. As a result, unless you’re extremely careful and the only person using your headset, you probably need to consider lens protection.

VR Headstraps

When picking a head strap, a few essential factors must be considered.

✅ The headset’s weight will feel lighter than it is if you have a lovely, comfortable halo resting at your head’s back.

✅ Padding is necessary because the skull has little padding as well.

✅ Additionally, a ratchet will be useful for tightening the headset. Although you don’t always want the strap to be as tight as possible, it must maintain the proper tension while you are jumping.

✅ Finally, a strap that could be bent but not broken would be preferable. The side pieces of the headband must be strong enough to withstand being threaded through the wringer.

VR Travel Case

Many fantastic VR games and immersive videos are available, but over time you might feel pressured to take your system out in public to impress your friends. And that’s why you will need a travel case.

Your trusty friend and protective accessory for transporting your VR glasses and controllers is a case bag. It will protect your device from physical harm and keep it clean and in great form. Thanks to individual inserts and extra pockets, you can efficiently organize the space inside the case and fit everything you need.

VR Cover Kit

A VR cover protects the standard facial interface on your VR headset. It either friction-fits into place or snaps into place. The following materials are available as replacement covers:

✅ silicone

✅ foam

✅ plastic

Each material has unique pluses and minuses. Compared to the base cover, some covers are softer and more comfortable. Others are useful for virtual reality exercises.

FBT in Virtual Reality

There is a very affordable way to have entire body tracking in virtual reality (whole-body tracking in VR), which is available through Steam VR and with games such as VR Chat, BoxVR, or Beat Saber. Anyway, there are some affordable options.

✅ The first option is to add an ANT sensor and pair it with your headset via Bluetooth. In specific applications, this allows you to ride an exercise bike and move forward by pedaling.

✅ Kinect 360 + Driver 4VR software.

✅ The Nolo CV1 Air is available from the importer Banggoog. A Chinese technological solution for “basic” VR headsets is using a smartphone.

✅ Kat Loco is marketed by the KAT VR brand (Hangzhou Virtual and Reality Technology group – China). This three-sensor kit allows for leg and waist tracking. 

✅ Antilatency, a Russian startup, offers a developer kit.

✅ HTC Vive trackers are also available on Amazon. With the HTC Vive, it is natively usable. However, it is also possible to use code on the Oculus Rift.

✅ Mechatech, an English manufacturer, created connected knee pads. Compatible with major Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games.

✅ Consider the Californian Walk OVR, which has four sensors in the legs and one on the belt.

Hand Tracking in VR

Hand tracking in virtual reality is finally here. The Oculus Quest is a stand-alone virtual reality (VR) headset that connects to your computer without any cables. The device receives new features regularly thanks to software updates.

Hand tracking is one of the most significant improvements in the new version of the software. When no controllers are detected by firmware version 17, Quest will display a digital representation of your hands in the real world.

This enables players to interact with menus and games as if their hands were physically present in the virtual world. Oculus has deemed this feature functional enough and is now allowing paid games that support this feature to be released on the Oculus Store.

✅ Navigating the Oculus Store Menu

In the Store Library, you can interact with the Oculus Quest menu. Position your mouse over the item you want to select and “grab” it with two fingers. The same goes for fast-forwarding or rewinding trailers on the Oculus Store.

Hand tracking is also supported by apps such as Oculus Browser, Oculus TV, Photo Library, and others. However, problems may arise if you are required to work with small interface details.

Developers attempt to solve inaccuracy problems by predicting and improving software, but using small buttons and objects remains inconvenient.

✅ Using hand tracking in games

For several months, hand tracking was an experimental feature only made available to developers in early 2020. The hand tracking feature was first tested in many free and low-cost indie games. Many of these games, however, are “tech demos” rather than full games.

Oculus claims that games like Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, and Elixir will officially support Oculus hand tracking throughout the playthrough.

According to the developers on Twitter, hand tracking support will be added to Big Screen and Virtual Desktop shortly.

VR Voice Attack

It is a small, stand-alone program that converts microphone-bound speech inputs using Windows 7 / 8 speech recognition and playback. As a result, virtually all conservative input methods (particularly keyboard and mouse inputs) can be controlled by simple voice input.


✅ much more intense gameplay, as well as a sense of being right

✅ quicker command entry (“which key was the rocket lock on again?”)

✅ combining / replacing command chains / multi-key inputs in a single voice input (macros)

✅ playback of text-to-speech (simulate board computer; voice-bound acknowledgment of the entries made)

✅ simple and direct operation (challenging to learn, easy to master)

✅ low price


✅ Before using it, Windows speech recognition must be coordinated and trained (time estimate: 1 hour)

✅ Setting up a complete profile takes time, and there are still some bugs or functions that aren’t fully functional.

VR Airsickness Bags

The best VR systems use a pulley system to create the illusion of movement. This system is made up of a series of pulleys and cables that are attached to a headset. The pulley system is used to create the feeling of movement by moving the headset in a certain direction.

This system offers many great features that other VR systems simply cannot match. For starters, the pulley system is very easy to set up and use. You don’t need to be a tech expert to get it up and running – anyone can do it!

Another great advantage of the pulley system is that it is very affordable. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great VR experience. This system is durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy it for many years.

VR Base Station

The best VR base station is the one that provides the most immersive and realistic experience possible. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a VR base station, such as the refresh rate, field of view, and resolution. The station should also be easy to set up and use.

When it comes to the refreshing rate, the higher, the better. A base station with a high refresh rate will provide a smoother and more realistic experience. 

The field of view is also important as a wider field of view will make the virtual world feel more expansive and provide the most precise and detailed image possible.

Consider what you’ll be using the VR base station for and what features are important to you. Also, keep in mind your budget when making your decision.

VR Gaming Mat

You need a VR floor mat if you’re looking for the best possible VR experience. These mats provide a stable, comfortable surface to stand on while immersed in your favorite VR game or experience. They also help protect your floors from scratches and scuffs.

There are a few things to remember when choosing a VR floor mat. First, consider the mat size and ensure it will fit in your designated VR space. Second, think about the material. Some mats are made of softer materials like foam, while others are made of more rigid materials like plastic. Choose the fabric that will be most comfortable for you and best protects your floors. Finally, consider the price.

VR Face Covers

The more you use the VR headset, the more sweat-stained and dirty the absorbent foam pads become. Even worse, the foam irritates the skin, leading Oculus to recall the Quest 2 and provide a replacement silicone cover.

Even though you can get that for free, other third-party covers are more comfortable and easier to clean. They also have better venting to prevent lens fogging. 

The best Quest 2 face covers aren’t just for those who regularly play intense exercise VR games. The Quest 2 facial interface will inevitably pick up sweat, dirt, and bacteria after hours of being pressed firmly against your skin. Oculus’ official cleaning guide recommends non-abrasive antibacterial wipes. Still, they might only be able to remove bacteria directly on the surface and not in the stock foam. So that you can wipe bacteria away, you would like a PU leather or silicone cover that doesn’t absorb anything.

Try the KIWI Design facial interface if you want to choose just one cover that won’t let you down. The padding will envelop you, giving the Quest 2 a much more comfortable feel. Additionally, by providing better airflow to the face, KIWI’s superior vent design eliminates the problem of foggy lenses that affect most VR headsets. It will make your headset even more comfortable for extended sessions when combined with a Quest 2 head strap replacement.

Buy a few of VR Cover’s Cool XG foam pads and the facial interface by KIWI Design if you want to go all out. Due to their similar Velcro adhesive designs, these cooling pads can be placed directly on the KIWI Design facial interface, providing the best possible ventilation for a fog-free gaming experience. That is especially true during the particularly humid summer months.

VR Display Stand

Now that PlayStation VR (PSVR) has entered your life, you must find the best display stand. Display stands are ideal for keeping things neat and saving you the trouble of unpacking and repacking your VR headset after each use.

Simply placing the controllers in the station without removing the battery causes them to begin charging. No more tangled wires – a USB-C terminal in the middle of the accessory allows you to set the headset helmet without a long charging cable. From the side, the accessory appears to be a futuristic cylinder capable of wirelessly recharging devices. The docking station has several front indicators showing the current charging process.

The controllers will immediately begin charging when you place them inside the station without taking out the battery. Upon receiving the device, you should re-equip the helmet with the batteries from the Anker kit and close the compartment with a unique cover that is also included in the kit. This will ensure maximum usability. By doing this, you can make a stress-free charging environment for yourself and your gadgets.

VR Battery Bank

The VR headset battery should last about two hours before it’s over. That’s not enough for extended gaming sessions. You can connect a robust power bank to the VR headset to extend its endurance while keeping you mobile.

You can either fasten it to the headband of the VR glasses with Velcro straps, attach it to your belt, or put it in your trouser pocket.

The Meta Quest or Oculus Quest 2 external battery pack must support 5V 2.4A for best performance, which is the most crucial factor to consider. There are many batteries with those specifications on the market, but there are a lot of other factors to consider, like size and how long they will hold a charge. However, connecting a battery pack allows you to play longer in the best Quest 2 games without constantly looking for a wall charger.

One of the more expensive but more comprehensive solutions to your battery problems with the Quest is the Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery. This strap increases the comfort of your headset, and the battery can double your playtime.

In addition, it perfectly complements the design of the Quest 2. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about charging another accessory to extend your VR playtime because both batteries can be charged simultaneously without disconnecting.

You can use any power bank to extend your time in VR. Depending on your needs, some banks may be better suited than others.

VR Protective Cover

It can keep your headset clean while protecting it from scratches, splashes, minor collisions, and dirt. You don’t have to be concerned about hitting your headset while playing VR games; instead, have more fun with it.

It can be long-lasting and easy to clean, and washable. The cover is light, so you can play games without feeling weighed down. 

The VR headset protective shells are installed in just three steps. It is also simple to remove and carry with you. You could bring it to work or travel with it along with your headset.

Wall Mount Stand

Wall Mount Stand will help you organize your gaming setup. The hanger for PlayStation VR glasses will help you complete the epic look of your gaming room in no time.

Your Gaming Room is your heaven where you can play your favorite games in peace. As a result, you want it to look as neat, organized, and unique as possible. Storing your headset on the wall saves space and allows you to show off your PlayStation VR glasses in style. The headset hanger is precisely what you need to create a memorable playroom setup.

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