What Every Video Gamer Needs To Have: A Full List of Devices

A comfortable gaming environment is a must, whether you are a pro gamer, hobbyist, or full-time streamer. An optimal setup with the best hardware, essential gaming accessories, peripherals, and minimal distractions will provide you with immersive and mind-boggling interactive experiences. So check out our ultimate list of gadgets that you will need!

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Essentials For Perfect Gaming Setup

A powerful gaming PC should be at the core of your setup journey if you are a devoted fan of resource-demanding and graphically intensive video games. However, choosing a top-tier PC has become a little bit tricky as there are tons of options available on the market. 

Our experts will provide all the necessary information to help you narrow your options and find a computer suitable for your gaming needs. So, there are several features you should consider before investing in a PC.

  • A great GPU (graphic processing unit) is the first point where gamers should pay the most attention. For most gamers, the graphics card is the heart of the gaming PC and has the biggest hand in processing and beautifying all the visual elements of the games. The higher the number of cards, the faster the card will be, which, in its turn, will provide a more fluent gaming experience.

 Nvidia and AMD are the two dominant brands that produce the best high-end graphics cards. They offer GPUs that have faster memories and ray-tracing support. The latter is the technology that brings an extra level of realism to games through better displaying of lights and reflections. For most gamers, 30-60 fps (frames per second) is the best frame rate to play at.

    • RAM ( random access memory) is another important point you should consider. For most gamers who play games using higher detail settings, a minimum of 8GB RAM is sufficient. However, for streamers, we recommend getting a PC with at least 16 or even 32GB RAM.


    • The processor or CPU (Central processing unit) controls the game world and the performance of the entire system. You should consider the processor core counts, which range between 2 and 16 cores. However, when it comes to gaming, the minimum required number of CPU cores is four.


    • SSDs, or solid-state drives, have come to replace traditional storage devices by leveraging newer technologies to store data. SSDs lessen the loading time that every gamer hates. Moreover, SSDs are quieter, more energy-efficient, and more durable. A TB SSD is a minimum recommendation for a smoother gaming experience.


  • Last but not least, an important point to consider before choosing a PC is the exterior. You can find PCs in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small systems to midsize towers and full towers. Gaming PCs also come with extra accessories like glass walls or appealing RGB lighting.


Investing in a high-powered gaming monitor is essential to appreciate the game’s graphics and enjoy the best gaming experience. Before choosing your gaming-specific monitor, let’s discuss the main specifications and shopping tips you should consider to make the best buying decision.

  • Screen size and resolution are perhaps the most important factors when choosing a monitor. The higher the resolution, the better and more spacious the picture is. The minimum requirement for a gaming monitor is 1920 x 1080, aka Full HD. For more immersive experiences, you will need QHD or even 4K.
  • Refresh rate is another specification worth considering. The term refers to the number of times (per second) your monitor updates with new information. It is measured in hertz (Hz). The bigger the refresh rate numbers, the smoother and less choppy the image will be. The optimal refresh rate for gamers is at least 120 Hz, a requirement for active 3D technology.
  • Panel technology has several types, each of which comes with its pros and cons. For instance, twisted Nematic (TN) panels are the fastest and most affordable option. However, TN panels have poor image quality when viewed from an angle. Vertical Alignment (VA) panels offer the possibility of a higher refresh rate, robust colors, and a high native contrast ratio. In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels provide the best viewing angles and colors. However, they are subject to motion artifacts.

The type of monitor is also an important aspect to consider. Some common types are as follows:

Laptop Emoji on LG Phones Flat Panel Monitors

Laptop Emoji on LG Phones Touch Screen Monitors

Laptop Emoji on LG Phones LED Monitors

Laptop Emoji on LG Phones OLED Monitors

Laptop Emoji on LG Phones Digital Light Processing Monitors

Laptop Emoji on LG Phones Plasma Screen Monitors


Choosing a mouse that fits you is essential to performing at your best. As every gamer is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You must consider many factors to determine which mouse is right for you. Whether you choose a gaming mouse or a standard mouse, it should meet the standards of accuracy and speed as well as provide comfort and stability during long gaming sessions. So, let’s discuss the main specification that an ideal mouse should meet:

  • The DPI (short for dots per inch) is the standard to show how your mouse measures physical distance. The cursor with high DPI moves faster and feels more sensitive. However, a mouse with too high DPI is not always optimal for most gamers. Opt for options that will allow you to change your DPI and find the perfect DPI number depending on your preferences.
  • Most modern mice offer additional buttons that enable you to make more inputs without moving your hand. Extra buttons come in handy, especially for gamers, as the function allows them to keep their hands in a resting position more often. Some options even offer customizable buttons, so you can choose different actions for each of them.
  • The rolling rate is another specification worth considering. It provides you with more responsive controls. The measurement for the rolling rate is Hz which shows how often a mouse reports its position or movement to a computer.

Aesthetics and design also are important factors for most gamers. Modern mice come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. RGB lighting, for instance, is a feature that almost all modern mice have. It can sync other devices like keyboards or headsets to all share the same color. You can even match the RGB lighting with your in-game actions. Most gamers also pay particular attention to the design of a mouse. However, keep in mind that the unique design is sometimes all style over comfort.

There are various types of computer mice available on the market. The most common types are the following:

Computer Mouse Emoji on WhatsAppWired mouse

Computer Mouse Emoji on WhatsAppWireless mouse

Computer Mouse Emoji on WhatsApp USB mouse

Computer Mouse Emoji on WhatsApp Gaming mouse with additional buttons

Computer Mouse Emoji on WhatsApp Touchpad (for laptops)

Computer Mouse Emoji on WhatsApp Vertical mouse


Another essential piece of equipment in a video gamer’s arsenal is a comfortable keyboard. Most gamers are complaining about the quality of their keyboards, like “after a couple of months, the keyboard began to produce duplicate key presses” or “the product has horrible hardware and software issues.” So, our experts have compiled all the essential specifications to help you choose the best keyboard that will last a lifetime.

  • The key rollover (KRO) is an essential feature for most gamers and fast typists. Keyboards with high rollover allow you to press several keys simultaneously. Five or higher KRO is the minimum number for quality keyboards.
  • The two main switch types of computer keyboards are mechanical switch and membrane switch. Most gamers give their preference to membrane keyboards as they are quieter and more budget-friendly than mechanical ones. The Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are durable and minimize ghosting. Moreover, many intense gamers fancy the satisfying sound of the clicky mechanical keys.
  • Most modern keyboards have anti-ghosting features. Ghosting is when your keyboard registers extra unpressed keys. This is an issue especially for gamers, as unwanted key registration can throw your whole game off. 
  • You can also consider keyboards with flashing lights and up-to-date designs. Most options offer customizable RGB backlighting, so you can match the colors with your in-game actions.

You can also choose your gaming keyboard based on its type and a variety of features it offers:

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones QWERTY keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones Wired keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones Wireless keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones Numeric keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones Ergonomic keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones Bluetooth keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones USB keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones Backlit keyboard

Keyboard Emoji on Apple macOS and iOS iPhones Gaming keyboard


Laptops are portable solutions for established video gamers constantly on the move. Besides several factors like built-in keyboard, display, and exterior, the specifications worth considering are the same as in the case of PCs that we have already discussed. Hence several quick tips for choosing your perfect gaming laptop.

  • CPU, a small but mighty brain-like unit of your gaming laptop, is something that matters, as it runs your games and all the other applications. Opt for Core i6 or higher CPUs for immersive gaming experiences.
  • While most gamers consider the CPU the brain of a laptop, we state that the GPU (graphics processing unit) is the heart of your device. Unlike PCs, the graphics cards of laptops aren’t upgradable. 
  • Screen Resolution is another key factor worth considering. Opt for Laptops with a minimum of 1920 x 1080 or so-called full HD resolution displays. Display IPS panel technology is the preferred type for gamers due to its better viewing angles. Laptops with touchscreens are unsuitable for gamers and shorten the battery life.

Most gaming laptops’ keyboards offer anti-ghosting, n-key rollover, backlighting, and macro keys features. You can even opt for a separate, long-lasting mechanical keyboard and a specialized gaming mouse to make your gaming experience smoother.

Although gamers use the words ‘laptop’ or ‘notebook’ as a general term for their gaming computer, we tend to break down these into subcategories:

Laptop Emoji on Facebook Notebook

Laptop Emoji on Facebook Netbook

Laptop Emoji on Facebook Ultrabook

Laptop Emoji on Facebook Macbook

Laptop Emoji on Facebook Tablet (this can work as a notebook if you add a keyboard)


For pro gamers, a gaming chair is not just a piece of furniture to sit on. It’s a throne that should be comfortable, sturdy, and gel with your aesthetic taste. 

There are several types of gaming chairs, and the three main categories are:

   🤓 PC gaming chairs          🤓 Console gaming chairs            🤓 Bean Bag chairs

 However, our main focus is PC gaming chairs. So let’s discover the tips on how to play in comfort and style.

“When purchasing a chair, the most important consideration is ergonomics. ‘Ergonomics’ has become a buzzword, but what is behind this term? Put simply; the term refers to the technology used to design goods that meet users’ psychological and physiological needs. Ergonomic chairs should offer multi-directional adjustable armrests, lumbar supporting pillows, upper back and neck support, tension mechanisms, and headrests.”

The chair’s right materials are other important factors to consider. Invest in chairs with high build quality.

  • The frame, for instance, should be made of metal or high-quality steel. Wood or plastic frames will likely break or become uncomfortable after a couple of weeks of use.
  • Another good indicator of build quality to consider is the wide aluminum base with free-wheeling casters, which provides gamers with a bit of mobility from their seats to adjust their position while playing. 
  • The type of filling of the cushioning is another essential aspect to consider. Look for high-quality gaming chairs with mold shaping, cold foam, or reflex foam fillings.
  • Upholstery is also a very important aspect when choosing a gaming chair. Look for chairs upholstered with breathable materials like mesh, fabric, or genuine leather, which make the chair less sweaty and cooler through hours of gaming.

Gaming desk

Gaming desks or tables are most frequently made of wood, laminated wooden boards, steel, and glass. 

A high-quality gaming table should be chosen based on the needs and preferences of the user. However, some things deserve extra attention. Consider the available space for the table and whether the desired model will fit in the designated area. Despite your best efforts, a large table will not fit in a small space.

You need enough open space to store all the necessary items, set up peripherals, and mount monitors. Many gaming tables only have a large tabletop and no shelves or cabinets. If you want to use a table for storing documents and small stationery, it’s better to immediately take a regular rather than a gaming model.

The quality of the materials from which the structure is also made matters. Short-lived models made of inexpensive, thin chipboard quickly lose their aesthetic appeal and lack high strength; even if there is enough tabletop space, it will be difficult to mount multiple monitors and/or a system unit.

Users frequently overlook such a crucial detail as cable placement. A sophisticated gaming system may have many wires that continuously gather dust. A good gaming table should have designated cutouts or storage areas where you can nicely and conveniently store all the wires.

Many, especially expensive gaming desks, can have useful additions:

💡 headphone hook     💡 drink holder        💡 LED backlight



Picking the best microphone sometimes can be a tricky task as there are tons of microphones out there. Finding the common types of microphones should be your first task to narrow down your choices. So, the main types of microphones are:

              🎙 Dynamic Microphones          🎙 Large/Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones          🎙 Ribbon Microphones

 However, our main focus is PC gaming chairs. So let’s discover the tips on how to play in comfort and style.


“Gaming microphones differ from the studio ones with their affordable price, as gamers usually don’t need studio-quality audio while playing. However, if you not only want to be heard in a virtual world but to stream the gaming sessions as well, investing in a quality microphone comes in handy.”

So, there are several other factors you should consider when you are in the market for a new gaming mic:

  • Microphone connectivity is an important factor worth considering. The two main connection options of gaming microphones are USB and analog. Analog mics plug via 3.5mm connector. However, if you are a laptop gamer and use headphones, you can hardly use your analog microphone and headphones simultaneously. So, in this case, opt for mics with a USB connector.
  • Directionality is another important factor that plays an important role when picking a gaming mic. The two main types are unidirectional mics and omnidirectional mics. Unidirectional mics pick up sound only from one direction and block out the rest. This is for gamers who want to reduce background noise. Cardioid microphones are the best examples of unidirectional mics. 
  • The frequency response range tells you the lowest and the highest-pitched sounds the mic hears and records. The mics work in the same way as the human ear does. The baseline range is 20-20.000 Hz. The wider the frequency response range, the better the microphone will perform.

Power Cable

Although a power cable is often overlooked and thought to be the last thing to consider when setting up a gaming environment, you should keep in mind that a high-quality power cable ensures the safety of your equipment. Good quality power cables are quite affordable. So look for durable power cables that are backed for life. Among the most common connectors of power cables are:

➿ NEMA 5-15-P (3-prong grounded plug) 

➿ CEE 7-7

NEMA 1-15-P (2-prong grounded plug) 

IEC 320 C5/ C13/ C14 




In a world where Wi-Fi seems to dominate our virtual lives, a question might arise: do we still need that wired connection that limits our mobility? For pro gamers, the answer is ‘yes, we need it!’ In our article, we have gone into more detail to help you understand why serious gamers choose to switch to Ethernet.

  • You should first consider the type of Ethernet cable you use. The most common types among gamers are Category 5 or CAT5, Cat 5e, Cat6, and Cat6A. For smooth gaming experiences and heavy data transfers, Cat6 could be an ideal option to choose.  
  • Signal stability is another important factor that makes the Ethernet surpass the wireless type of connection, which is prone to interference. While everything from walls to furniture and your Bluetooth devices can cause Wi-Fi interference, with Ethernet, this isn’t an issue.
  • Another benefit that Ethernet brings is security, which is hard to beat. Ethernet requires a physical connection, so you can easily check who is connected to your local network. However, setting up a wired Local Area Network is slightly more expensive than Wi-Fi. Furthermore, many laptops and netbooks don’t have Ethernet ports. In this case, You will need USB-to-Ethernet adapters, which, in turn, is an extra cost. 

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A good UPS is the best way for your PC to remain safe from utility-supplied power issues like power surges, brownouts, and fluctuations. The most common types of UPS systems are 

  • Standby UPS: if you are looking for more budget-friendly options, offline or standby UPS can be the best solution. It utilizes battery backup technology, which is ideal for small offices, PCs, and gaming consoles. When a blackout occurs, standby UPS enables you to save your work and properly shut down your equipment. However, Standby UPS can’t face minor sags and surges.
  • Line-interactive UPS: this second most common UPS system provides intermediate-level power protection. Line-interactive UPS are ideal solution for gamers living in areas where power fluctuations are more common than outages. 
  • Double conversion online UPS: the most common type of UPS, which provides equipment with high-quality AC power and the highest level of network security. As the name suggests, double-conversion UPS converts the incoming power to direct current, and the power flows back to alternating current using voltage and frequency independent (VFI) technology.

So, a UPS, put simply, acts as an internal battery that provides power’s steady flow to a system for a limited time when the primary power source fails, or the power level drops below the normal performance levels, like in the case of spikes or brownouts.  

Laptop Cooling Pad

It doesn’t matter if your notebook is one of the best and includes the latest technologies. If it gets too hot, it will cause thermal throttling, slow down your computer and damage it without a chance to repair it. A high-quality cooling pad will solve this problem and maintain a stable temperature. This will help you prolong your device’s life and ensure you get solid performance and a better user experience.


The headphone is another essential component in your armory when you want to get into your favorite video games. But how can you choose from a surplus of options on the market when the result of your search query on the search engine makes the process even more complicated and messy? So, your first and foremost decision should be determining the main types of headphones available on the market. We have narrowed down the list as follows:

🎧 Headphone Closed-Back Headphones                            🎧 Headphone Open-Back Headphones           

🎧 Headphone On-Ear Headphones                                       🎧 Headphone Over-Ear Headphones

🎧 Headphone In-Ear Headphones                                         🎧 Headphone Earbuds         

 🎧 Headphone Bluetooth Headphones                                   🎧 Headphone  Noise-Canceling Headphones

Once you have decided on what type of headphones you want, let’s dive into the main features and specifications worth considering before choosing your perfect headphone. 

  • The type of your headphone dramatically depends on the gaming platform you play on, namely Windows PC, MAC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Opt for a 3.5mm connector headphone, as it works across almost all platforms.
  • Headphone connectivity is another aspect worth considering. Today we are witnessing how the electronics industry is jumping into the wireless technology bandwagon. And the manufacturers of wired headphones often upgrade their best products and launch wireless versions. Each type of connection has its perks and drawbacks. So, the most apparent advantage of wired headphones is that you are not dependent on the chargers and the battery life of your headphone. On the other hand, wireless headphones provide more freedom of movement while playing.
  • Every gamer will agree that comfort is all that matters when it comes to long gaming sessions. And the headband of the headphone is the first thing you should consider. It should be durable and made out of metal material or at least high-quality plastic. Wearing your headphones on, you should feel like you aren’t wearing anything. 
  • The next thing that can influence your choice is the ear cups. The shape, the material, and the design of the ear cups are the main specifications you should consider. A round-on-ear ear cup, for instance, is an ideal solution for people with small ears. Opt for ear cups upholstered with a breathable material like fabric. For more isolation and durability, you can choose leather materials.
  • Noise isolation is the technique that prevents the audio source from leaving your ears as much as possible. This allows you to enjoy immersive gaming experiences.


As technology advances, the need for USB hubs has also increased. These are devices that are used to connect multiple USB devices to a single USB port. They are useful for people who use multiple devices at the same time and also for people who have limited USB ports on their computers. A USB hub can be a great solution for connecting a keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive to a single USB port.

Since USB hubs and docks add more ports and connectors to your computer, there is some overlap between their functions. But before you purchase one, it’s important to be aware of a few minor variations.

  • Smaller, less expensive dongles called USB hubs can be used to add extra USB ports, SD card readers, display outputs, or a headphone jack. These frequently don’t provide extra power, so any devices you plug into them might be unable to charge. They are also lightweight enough to fit in your laptop bag, allowing you to use them at home while traveling.
  • Most of the time, USB docks are intended to be used on your desk and are frequently bigger, more expensive devices. They frequently have multiple monitor outputs, Ethernet connections, and their power supply so they can charge other devices. If you frequently use your laptop at a desk, a dock can help you quickly connect it to any additional peripherals you need, including a keyboard, mouse, monitors, and speakers.


Most people are more than content with the standard routers that ISPs offer. Devices of this type rarely support the most cutting-edge network technologies, and some even struggle to handle routine tasks like streaming or watching high-definition videos.

If you enjoy playing online games and have connection issues, you should start by upgrading your hardware, specifically by getting a gaming router.

However, selecting a router, or any other piece of equipment, is not a simple process. The most recent Wi-Fi standard should be router support. And which Wi-Fi standard version is the most recent?

What about antennas, frequency range, or the number of Ethernet ports? As you can see, numerous terms make it easy to become confused. So it’s not surprising that many people choose to use a standard router that their ISP offers.

Don’t stop to mention your preferences, either. Some people take this problem more seriously and need a high-speed router equipped with the latest technology, while others only need a basic gadget that can run online games without any issues.

RGB Lights

Remember, “RGB gaming LED” refers to the ability to thematically tie your entire setup to your favorite colors and animations, not just rainbow patterns and flashing lights.

You can line the inside of your PC, attach them to your gaming desk, or provide a cool glow on the back of your gaming monitor with LED strips. LED lights and wall sconces are also available to brighten up the rest of your gaming space.

External Hard Drive

An external drive is used when it is impossible or desired to connect a PC’s second source of permanent memory. As they are frequently moved and are more susceptible to mechanical damage than standard models, such devices are typically made in a protected case.

Have trouble deciding on an external hard drive? As a result, you must consolidate the outcome by taking into account the crucial factors that will enable you to act independently:

  • The most crucial factor is capacity, which refers to the volume of data that can be simultaneously stored in a form of media. Documents, important text files with graphics, and other technical data can be stored on drives up to 512 GB in size, 1 TB for music, and 2 TB or more for images and videos.
  • Form factor: While most contemporary models come in 2.5-inch sizes, some 3.5-inch models can store a much larger variety of data, including movies, games, and more. 
  • However, there are also very small 1.8-inch models, for instance, from Samsung Warranty. This aspect shouldn’t be ignored as it shows the brand’s confidence in its product.
  • Modern models support ultra-fast USB 3.1 and 3.2 ports for connectivity. At the same time, it is important that it is possible to work with USB 2.0, which is still relevant for many laptops, and old PCs and is the base for work.
  • The standard spindle speed for computer drives is between 5400 and 7200 rpm. For the price segment of server HDDs, higher values are typical. It is for them that you can give acceptable money, especially without overpaying. For larger storage, you will have to overpay more. 

External Hard Drive

The amplifier is the heart of a hi-fi system because it processes the incoming signals from the source devices and sends them to the loudspeakers. In this case, processed means that the amplifier converts the low voltages of the input signals into higher voltages and currents. There is a distinction between various types. What types are they, and for what purpose are they suitable?

  • Team player

A preamplifier is between the signal source, such as a CD player, and the actual power amplifier. It universally distributes the incoming signals so that they can be optimally processed by the power amplifier – also known as the power amplifier – and passed on to the low-impedance loudspeakers with the appropriate voltage. A preamplifier allows you to switch between signal sources, control balance, bass, middle, and treble, and turn on other filters.

  • Integrated amplifier 

Combining preamp and power amp, i.e., two separate devices, are especially popular among audiophiles and wealthy customers. However, integrated amplifiers, which combine preamplifiers and power amplifiers in a single housing, dominate the market. An integrated amplifier performs both functions: it controls the source and sends the correct voltage to the loudspeakers. The devices use various electronic components for voltage and current amplification, such as transistors, tubes, or a combination of the two in the case of hybrid amplifiers.

  • Amplifier for headphones

Headphone amplifiers are an exception. Even in low-cost models, high-quality headphones sound good—often better than an integrated amplifier’s internal headphone amplifier. There are exceptions to the rule: there are high-priced amplifiers with really good headphone amplifiers on board, in which case another device is unnecessary. Expensive headphone amplifiers are mostly used to monitor and mix studio recordings.

Racing Wheel

Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitech produce the best gaming wheels.

The good news is that when a steering wheel advertises Xbox or PS4 support, it will also function with Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Don’t forget to check the steering wheel’s console compatibility before making a purchase.

So, how to choose a racing wheel?

“Comfort is a key factor to keep in mind when selecting a racing wheel. Specifically: Is the handlebar wide and comfortable? Even if the handlebars have high tactile feedback, you can still buy a pair of gloves despite the soft leather (or faux leather) braiding’s a nice touch of comfort.”

There are three different handlebar types, which brings up the topic of tactile connectivity:

  • Gear drive.

The gears, which are linked to the main engine, are attached to the steering shaft. Although this system enhances the torque figure, the rudders are noisy. Gear systems are also among the oldest used on racing wheels, and you are unlikely to find such a model now (except, perhaps, the Logitech G25).

  • Belt drive.

A force feedback system that is most frequently found in modern racing wheels. It uses the same concept of converting torque from a tactile motor as a gear train but uses belts instead of gears. The result is much more pleasurable, and the steering wheel is quieter. However, because rubber naturally reduces tactile feedback, belt drives eventually wear out and must be replaced.

  • Direct drive.

Often regarded as the best type of system. Devices of this type have a wheel mounted directly on the engine; due to no delay, torque is not lost. However, these systems frequently need larger motors, as there are no belts or gears. Direct drive wheels are also the most expensive, starting at $1,000.

Flight Control System

Standard joystick, HOTAS model, or control yoke and rudder pedals? Which joystick is suitable for which gamer?

The joystick models that have been on the market for more than ten years and are appropriate for flight and space simulations, as well as action games with joystick support, can be divided into three main categories: standard joysticks, HOTAS joysticks, and specialized peripherals made up of a control horn (yoke), a quadrant, and rudder pedals for the professional control of flight simulations.

For the games, you want to use the input device to decide the joystick model you should choose. A standard joystick without a separate thrust unit is well suited for anyone who only occasionally rises to virtual heights and values action over simulation. However, a HOTAS joystick is necessary if you want to control a spaceship in Star Citizen or a commercial jet in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • Standard joystick

Use a standard joystick for casual fliers and fans of action-packed flying games.

A standard joystick is sufficient for games like Ace Combat, War Thunder, Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2, Battlefield 3/5, Star Wars: Battlefront I/II, or the upcoming Star Wars: Squadron doesn’t often feature simulations but emphasizes action over realistic flight maneuvers.

  • HOTAS model with rudder axis

Precise control and metered thrust in virtual air and space.

A HOTAS joystick is the best input device for simulations, whether you’re controlling a fighter jet, airliner in the pixel sky, or a spaceship in virtual orbit. A joystick with a separate throttle operated entirely with the second hand, usually the left, is referred to as a HOTAS, which stands for H and O n T hrottle A nd S tick. A HOTAS joystick is made specifically for flight simulators, which is evident not only in its layout but also in its additional features. The HOTAS variant provides more precise control and a more realistic simulation experience when compared to a standard joystick. Conversely, a HOTAS joystick is often only optimal for one or two video game genres and costs more than twice as much as a standard model. 

  • Control yoke, rudder pedals, and special throttle

While many enthusiasts can control their aircraft during simulations with a joystick, professional virtual pilots with a real pilot’s license typically use very specialized peripherals. It offers optimal and realistic flight control, especially in civil aviation, and has controls, buttons, and switches based on an airplane’s controls. 

Stream Deck

A stream deck is an ideal accessory to finish your setup, whether you produce web content, YouTube videos, or live streams on Twitch. You can set up shortcuts to carry out actions or series of actions much more quickly and flexibly by simply pressing a button. They give you many creative options and greatly increase your productivity and efficiency at work.

Knowing where and how to choose your stream deck can quickly become difficult if you are unfamiliar with this field and this particular object. It’s essential to consider the factors when selecting a good stream deck that will suit your requirements and preferences.

Check Mark Emoji on FacebookHow much your stream deck cost

This criterion may seem obvious, but it is essential to consider the cost of the stream deck before making your decision. This is because your budget must not be exceeded, and even though a stream deck is necessary to improve your fluidity and efficiency, it is not recommended to spend all of your budget on one deck and neglect the rest of your setup.

To avoid overspending on a model that is equally effective and less expensive, it is also advisable to choose a stream deck with the best value for money.

Check Mark Emoji on Facebook The number of buttons in your stream deck

Additionally, even though this criterion seems obvious to you, and you might have considered it already, it is one of the most crucial factors in determining which stream deck to use.

First and foremost, the number of buttons determines how many actions you can program with a single click. These buttons need to be the proper size and comfortable to use, but also because other stream decks, like Loupedeck, have more than just simple buttons, such as dials and other buttons more suited to different uses.

Finally, it is important to note that stream decks can also be programmed to combine more functionality and actions on fewer buttons if you want a stream deck with a lot of buttons. Still, you cannot offer it to you, there are always solutions to program all the actions you want on a more limited model.

Check Mark Emoji on Facebook The compatibility of your stream deck

It goes without saying that if you buy a stream deck, you must use it with compatible software.

It is crucial to ensure your dream stream deck is compatible with the software you intend to use, whether you want to use it for work, online streaming, photo editing, or video editing.

Finally, it must be compatible with your operating system, whether you use a PC, Mac, or Windows.

Check Mark Emoji on Facebook The size of your stream deck

The size of your stream deck is a crucial factor as well. It shouldn’t be too big or small. Although a small stream deck is easier to use, you should choose according to the number of buttons you want and the use you will make of your stream deck.

It’s not a good idea to select a very large stream deck if you only intend to use it occasionally or rarely. The most important thing is to pick a convenient stream deck you will enjoy using.

Check Mark Emoji on Facebook Design and appearance of your stream deck

Even though this criterion might seem less crucial, it is always more enjoyable to use a tool that has a well-thought-out design than one whose aesthetics would not have been appealing.

A stream deck that complements the design of your workspace or studio can also be nice.


At first, glance, selecting speakers appears to be simple. This is true on the one hand, but making a quick decision can result in disappointment.

You must first concentrate on the gadget’s function. Simple speakers are sufficient for use in an office because they produce a sound environment that is not disruptive to others. Their main task is to transmit messages from instant messengers, signals about the receipt of letters. These speakers don’t need to produce high-quality sound; reliability and compactness are much more crucial. Preferred is a wireless connection.

If you want an audio system for your home, your selection criteria will change. The sound quality is now the key factor. To separate frequencies, a good speaker uses multiple speakers.

You need a kit that contains a subwoofer that transmits low frequencies to listen to music. A speaker system with at least five surround speakers is necessary for home theater.

The speaker system’s output must be appropriate for the room’s size. One hundred watts of combined power from all speakers is more than enough for a typical apartment. For a restaurant or gym, you will need at least 500 watts.

What parameters should you pay attention to when choosing speakers?

  1. Power. Instead of relying on personal preferences when selecting speakers for a computer, consider the room size. A typical apartment only needs 25–40 watts per channel. 50-70 watts are suitable in large rooms or your own home. But for parties, audio equipment should be more powerful – 60-150 watts for a large room and 120 watts – for the street.  
  2. Material. The material of the speakers affects the sound quality. The wooden case improves the sound. There shouldn’t be any rattling or other unnecessary noise, even at high volume. If the speakers have legs, ensure they are evenly spaced apart and securely fastened to the case. 
  3. Before buying a home stereo system, you must choose the speaker and amplifier’s nominal power. Important for the latter to have more power than the speakers’ rated power. If the amplifier is not powerful enough, the speakers will have to work harder, and this extra load will shorten the receiver’s life.

Blue Light Reduction Glasses

Any light a person sees is made up of the rainbow’s full spectrum of colors, from red to purple. According to some studies, blue light from the sun, a lightbulb, or a computer screen keeps us awake. However, the excessive light absorption that occurs at night from the screen’s brightness can impact our ability to sleep.

There isn’t much research to prove or disprove the effectiveness of this kind of goggle because it’s relatively new.


Buying a gaming console requires some responsibility because there are so many options from console manufacturers that it can be challenging to pick the best one. Businesses are enhancing models’ performance, enhancing their graphics, and giving them many new features.

Modern video game consoles are already extremely powerful, specialized systems sharpened to compute complicated graphics and “physics.” Games also come with high costs associated, but the joy and exciting leisure they provide make them worthwhile. There is also a less expensive way to bring joy to young gamers. Retro consoles are reasonably priced and provide the same enjoyment. The main disadvantage of the simplest consoles is that there is no emulator for other platforms, which is unfortunate because some cool games are only available in one version.

High-resolution gaming on the PS5 and Xbox Series X is supported, allowing for the use of 4K and High Dynamic Range displays and other new display standards (HDR). Some people don’t own a 4K TV, and even fewer have high-quality HDR support, which has its own sub-categories.

The newest lineup of consoles will better use these technologies, essentially standardizing them. While there were only a small number of games for last-gen consoles that fully used these features, they will be better used by future consoles. But keep in mind that no console requires you to have a 4K or HDR-compatible TV, so you can purchase a new console and wait to upgrade your TV until you’ve researched and discovered games you think are worth it, etc.


One of the most significant names in the electronic entertainment sector is Xbox. One of the top consoles available right now is the Xbox One. This device comes with a very handy pad and gives you access to a huge selection of excellent games with stunning graphics and gameplay. It also has many other features that turn it into a home entertainment center. The Xbox One game console comes in two different versions: S and X. What are the differences, and which option is currently more profitable? The Xbox One X or the Xbox One S?

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