A Full List of the Best Horror Video Games Ever

Horror games are a genre that has always fascinated me. The care and detail that goes into making them can be outstanding. Most of them, however, are short, simple, and short-lived, and it’s very hard to find a worthy one. Although, there are a few out there which truly stand out from the crowd. So, I prepared this list to find the absolute best horror games ever. The initial list was longer, but I removed some games that can contain triggers or affect mental health, especially if minors are reading the article. 

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is, without a doubt, one of the best horror games ever created. So, you take on the role of Daniel, who awakens alone in a large, gloomy castle. He has no memory of anything and is constantly uncovering notes in the castle that serve as clues. Meanwhile, he is being pursued by an unknown force and must struggle for both his life and his sanity.

In a somber, dark, and unpleasant environment, Amnesia delivers unexpected moments of fear. The scary apparition attacks again just when you think you’re safe. In the game, you can’t truly fight the attacking monster; you can only run away or hide from it. This defenselessness and pure fear of being caught create a very special tension in the game.
✅Here is what I like about this game:

  •  The game’s atmosphere and storytelling are quite scary, creating a sense of ultimate dread and terror, pushing you to focus only on the play and forget where you are at the moment. It keeps you on edge, making you forget who you are.
  • The Dark Descent focuses more on psychological horror instead of old jump scares.
  • Although the game’s puzzles are challenging, I enjoyed solving them as they are not overly complicated and force you to think about the solution instead of dropping the game into frustration

❌ But I also want to highlight what I didn’t like about the game, which can be a problem for many gamers: 

  • The game has a slow pace; there aren’t many intense actions.
  • Be aware that the gameplay is repetitive and can quickly become boring. That was the main reason I dropped this game, although I greatly enjoyed it.

Outlast 2

outlast 2

Outlast is a first-person survival horror game, similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Outlast is divided into two parts. Both of these games provide a terrifying gaming experience. 

I was a journalist in the first half of Outlast who started to investigate the events at a remote psychiatric hospital where a horrific and violent nightmare was awaiting me. In Outlast 2, I was another journalist attempting to free my wife from a terrible cult.

✅ So, let’s start with good: 

  1. The atmosphere of horror and despair was very intense, which kept me on the edge all the time. And I was playing during nighttime. Can you imagine my reaction to the slightest sound? 
  2. The soundtrack is great, creating a terrifying atmosphere. By the way, you can enjoy it below:
  1. I must admit, the gameplay is quite challenging, which is a big problem for the latest games, that just keep boring me to death.
  2. The game has a very good and well-developed storyline.
  3. And the last pro -the game has outstanding, impressive graphics.

❌ And, as with everything in this life, there is always a catch:

  1. If you keep playing, you will notice that the game is becoming a bit repetitive, although it didn’t affect my dedication to get to the end. 
  2. The storyline can be hard to understand and follow, so if you are looking for something easy to pass the time, this is definitely not the game for you.
  3. After I finished the game, I didn’t want to get back to it, and I doubt I’ll ever want to replay it. 

So, even with all minuses (although I don’t consider the above-mentioned as a negative thing), I must say that this is one of the best games that I have played. 

Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu

The game is based on the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and offers an eerie gaming experience. This time I played a detective, Edward Pierce, who was trying to solve the murder of a family. In the course of his investigation, he finds that the god Cthulhu is on the point of reviving, which must, of course, be avoided at any cost.

The detective gameplay in Call of Cthulhu is similar to those of the Sherlock Holmes games. A role-playing-style dialogue system allows you to collect clues and engage in several dialogues. There’s also a talent tree to help you improve your abilities. The horror components are restricted to the atmosphere and classic Cthulhu themes, with little emphasis on jump scares. Edward’s breathing quickens, and his field of vision narrows when he is terrified, which can be dangerous.

✅ Although the game was very good, I wasn’t impressed.   

  1. The atmosphere of the game is very creepy and unsettling, which captures the very essence of Lovecraft’s horror fiction. 
  2. There are many plot twists and turns. In addition, the game’s main character, Edward Pierce, is a flawed and complex character, adding extra mystery to the game.
  3. The game has many hidden areas and secrets that will change the whole gameplay.

❌ What I didn’t like about the game were its repetitiveness, limited choices, and simple combat techniques. But, I must admit, the graphics and design are outstanding.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

The horror adventure Until Dawn is only available on the PlayStation 4, but, believe me, it’s one of the must-haves. The plot follows eight young people in a mountain hut and is beautifully staged in terms of graphics, but the gameplay is as excellent.

The protagonists go off on a weekend excursion to the mountains, but they quickly find themselves in front of a strange murderer and face several unexplained events. Until Dawn’s gameplay focuses on exploring the environment, uncovering clues, and Quicktime events. There aren’t any fights. But here’s what makes this game unique: as the story progresses, you will have power over each of the characters and will be able to make decisions that will affect the story’s ending. These have a direct impact on the plot’s development and the characters’ survival. So, based on your decisions, you will uncover different endings. ❌ Although some plot twists are predictable and cliche, ✅ it didn’t prevent me from enjoying the game. 

The Medium

The Medium

The Medium was published as a next-gen exclusive in early 2021 and garnered nearly consistently good reviews. From a third-person point of view, you play Marianne as she wanders around an abandoned holiday resort on mysterious tracks. ✅ The Medium has a unique feature: you may play passages in not one, but two worlds at the same time! Because you can’t complete some challenges any other way, your journey will repeatedly bring you to a parallel world repetitively. The visuals and soundtracks are other advantages of the game. 

❌ On the other hand, the game doesn’t allow much exploration and short gameplay. I finished it over the weekend, which disappointed me slightly.

Martha is Dead

Martha is Dead

Trigger Warning: The game contains potentially distressing material We’re in 1944 in Italy, and Martha is no longer alive. Her body has been discovered on the Ufer. I took on the role of Martha’s younger sister Giulia, who must not only avenge her sister’s death but also figure out how it happened. During World War II, she dedicated herself to the search for the truth. ✅ The Italian voice output and the atmospheric soundtrack ensure a high level of immersion. 

❌  Although I enjoyed the game, I must warn you that the gameplay is relatively short, so you must consider if it’s worth your money.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

While the survival horror genre did not begin with the Resident Evil franchise, it is its most well-known example. The horror video game is based on events in Raccoon City, where humans were infected with a virus and evolved into zombies as a result of the infection. The game was created in Japan and is known as Biohazard, which translates to “biological danger.” The idea of biological weapons and viruses converting humans into zombies and monsters is prominent in every part of the game. Resident Evil is divided into seven parts, each of which has been expanded by spin-offs.

I thought Resident Evil 7 would be a disaster, a clumsy, forced remake of my beloved series. You know, very rare games or remakes are successful after the second or third series, but, to my surprise, it’s successful enough to find its place on this list.

The transition to first-person action provides some VR chances and brings the horror up close, and makes it personal. The vaults have the same sense of unsettling calm; ammo feels desperately low, and the boss fights have just the right mix. It’s a tight, intelligent horror game that’s considerably superior to what most fans had hoped. ✅ I was so pessimistic about this game and so happy that it was better than I could have imagined that I didn’t focus on any negative aspect.



Bloodborne is an action RPG, but there’s no doubt that it’s a horror game. The world of Yharnam, inspired by Gothic and Victorian architecture and fought against Lovecraftian enemies, is nothing short of terrifying. Blood spurts from enemies with each slash, and bosses range from giant spiders to electrified, skull-faced behemoths. The game’s mysterious story is even supposed to be a never-ending nightmare.

✅ Developer From Software has retained their knack for skillful enemy placement in Bloodborne, making the game more frightening. You’ll rarely spend more than an hour without an unexpected enemy arriving and causing a little heart attack as you smash your way out of danger.  However, you won’t always be able to, and the terror of finding your lost Blood Echoes (souls) and hordes of opponents becomes as terrifying as the world itself.



Pathos-II, an abandoned, dark research station at the bottom of the sea, is located deep under the waves. Simon Jarrett regains consciousness at this research station. He mostly comes across horrific scenes, dead, and individuals who are only alive because of innovation and technology. You’ll be hunted and attacked by scary animals as you try to explore the mysterious research station. You can only get away from these animals if you run quickly enough or locate a safe place to hide.

An abysmal, mysterious, and depressing undersea world characterizes the mood of Soma. What awaits the player once Pathos-fate II is decided is so dreadful that it will most likely follow you for a long time.

I would not recommend this to sensitive people or people who are not in a good place in their lives, as the game left a bitter aftermath for me.

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