Video Games to Play When Bored

Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world enjoy playing different video game genres and types. We travel to different worlds, visit new dimensions and become whoever we want in video games.

The attraction of video games will never fade, thanks to their variety of worlds and stories. Among thousands of titles available, few stand out above the others. Based on the ranking, we’ve chosen from the top video games to play when you are bored.

Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2 is the second dark episode of the epic Mass Effect trilogy, made by the developers of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age. Two years after Captain Shepard defended against the foreign invasion of Reapers intended to destroy all organic life in-universe mankind faces a new enemy. Something is secretly abducting whole human colonies. Shepherd must now work with Cerberus, a violent organization that wants humanity to survive at any cost to thwart the most dreadful threat humanity has ever seen.
Shepard should gather the galaxy’s most skilled team and control the most powerful ship to even undertake this deadly mission. Even then, they believe it’s suicide. Commander Shepard wants to disprove them.

Dark Souls


Dark Souls is about dungeon exploration as well as the suspense and anxiety that arise when players meet monsters in this environment. The game is shown as a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls.  The actions of the game take place in an open world with a third-person perspective. To survive in a darkly magical world, the player fights with numerous weapons and methods. Online features allow gamers to share their gaming experiences without having to communicate directly with one another.

More weapons, spells, and classes are available in Demon’s Souls. It was also believed to be considerably harder before its release, with more adversaries and more demanding engagements. It features writing messages to other players, witnessing other players’ deaths, the player corporation system, and much more. This game is about mistakes, patience, and overcoming difficulties. During the passage, you can learn a lot about yourself.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a long-awaited game that stole many gamers’ hearts. Developers of Valve Corporation have made up a new story, a new plot that takes place long years after the end of the original “Portal.” Chelley, a red-haired girl, regains consciousness in the same research laboratory. The building begins to crumble very quickly.

At first, Portal 2 does not cause gamers to feel enthusiastic as it seems to have the same plot as the original one, but as you go ahead, the game changes. There are many differences. Simultaneously, The levels are well-thought-out: difficult enough to pique one’s curiosity but not so difficult as to make one want to strain the convolutions.

Grand Theft Auto 5


Fans of movies will know Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, while gamers will know brothers Sam and Dan Houser, producers and writers of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series. They’ve been telling stories for years about various bandits who robbed during the end of the nineteenth century, then in the 1980s, and now today.

GTA 5 follows its normal format: in that the Hauser set three unlucky criminals from California against each other at the same time, each of whom may now be played (previously, the authors were limited to one hero). The heroes are still valued, but fans prefer GTA 5 for its big open environment, in which they can do everything, from skydiving to hunting rare animals. GTA 5 is certainly not going down from the top of the rankings anytime. This is a timeless game that remains relevant no matter how many years have gone since the game’s release.



An interactive philosophical story that everyone interprets based on their viewpoint. The main character, a mysterious person dressed in a cloak, hood, and scarf, journeys through the desert to a distant peak. There are other players on the road, but you can’t communicate with them because there’s no chat and no nicknames.

The journey is accompanied by the relaxing music of composer Austin Wintory, who received a Grammy nomination for his work on Journey. This game is one of the most peaceful, significant, and unique games of the decade that everyone should experience.

Fifa 20

Fifa 20

FIFA 20 recreates two distinct features of the world’s most popular sport: the prestige of professional football and the thrill of street play. Football intelligence unlocks unparalleled levels of realism in FIFA 20.

Meanwhile, FIFA Ultimate Team gives even more opportunities to design your ideal team, and EA SPORTS VOLTA puts football back on the streets in genuine, minimally played matches. However, it appeals to an audience as the video game industry has no equal to it.  The game has good gameplay and graphics. In addition, the story mode is well and realistic.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


With over 250 Game of the Year awards, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has become a real classic game. Over 100 hours of epic open-world adventure await you, along with story expansions that add another 50 hours of playtime.

This version includes all of the extra content, such as new weapons, armor, companion items, a new game mode, and side missions. In the third part, the author’s expertise improved the level structure (it is now an open world with multiple missions) and created emotional situations.

Only in the third part of “The Witcher” can one become drunk and dress up as local sorceresses for a bet while playing the drinking game “I never…”, or, when on a boat, the characters make up an obscene rhyme about each other.  Wild Hunt is a source of talent, passion, addiction, and is simply a stunning game that cannot be overstated.

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