Best Quotes From Video Games: It's Time to Choose

Video games have been around for decades, but for most people, it takes a gaming console or PC to get the full experience. To truly immerse yourself in your favorite video games, you need to really get into the games. In order to help you do just that, I came up with a list of quotes from video games that I think are classics.

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  • Remember… no Russian

This expedition has long been criticized for its violence. Makarov’s first sentence at the start of the mission was, “Don’t forget… no Russian.” All the players who did the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campaign back then still remember it today.

  • All we had to do, was follow the damn train CJ

This quote has clearly become a video game classic. It doesn’t appear to be anything special at first, but it intervenes at the end of this famous GTA San Andreas mission if it fails. As a result, players who have struggled with this task have heard it many times!

  • A man chooses, a slave obeys

This line is one of the cult phrases spoken by Andrew Ryan in the game Bioshock and which says a lot about his character.

  • I am not a hero. Never have been, never will be.

In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, this is arguably the best Snake quote. Hideo Kojima is known for relying on storytelling in his games, and it’s what has made Metal Gear so successful over the years. It’s not for nothing that he recruited a dream cast for his latest game Death Stranding.

  • War, war never changes

The mythical phrase from the Fallout cutscenes. It represents the gaming universe well and it has above all become cult thanks to the way in which it is brought to the player. 

  • Nothing is true. Everything is permitted

This line summarizes the Assassins’ Creed. This is one of the license’s key principles, and we’ll see these two phrases in a lot of the episodes.

It has, however, been simplified. Here’s the whole version of this famous phrase. “When the tyrant’s voice is the only one to be heard when the truth is imposed, remember, nothing is true. When the weak are oppressed, remember, everything is permitted.”

When we examine the first Assassin’s Creed’s writing quality and the scope of its universe, it’s no wonder that Netflix is presently developing a series based on the game.

  • It’s me, Mario

“It’s me, Mario !”. This phrase is well-known even among those who have never played Mario. It now extends beyond video games.

It has also grown in popularity to the point that Ubisoft paid homage to it in Assassin’s Creed 2. When we meet Ezio’s uncle, Mario, in the game, he will use the same tone to introduce himself!

  •  Expecting shit to change.

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is, doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again. Expecting shit to change.

This scene is certainly legendary, and Vaas has something to do with it. Aside from the beautiful staging, there is a phrase that exactly reflects Vaas’ character and echoes the game’s atmosphere.

It’s impossible to forget this sight from the first time you played Far Cry 3.

  • You have died of dysentery

The sentence is cold, concise, and uncompromising. When the player sees a very message, he will sit with his jaw dropped for a few more seconds, unable to get up from his seat. This sentence may force the gamer to stop playing for several weeks since it warned him he was going to die. It’s the player’s duty to manage resources and save people traveling through the Wild West Dynasty

The most exciting (and terrifying) part of the game was that you die forever and have to start again. It was the first game in which you died of an illness rather than being told: “Game Over.” These sad phrases evoke memories of golden-era video games.

  • Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman… Wake up and smell the ashes

When the game loads, you’ll hear the above quote for the first time. It is said by the mysterious G-man. His voice has little to do with the voice of your girlfriend, who surprised you with breakfast in bed on your birthday. Everything is quite the opposite! His speech is strange and buzzing as if he knows something you don’t.

Who knows whether we’ll ever discover what Mr. G-actual man’s motives are, but his voice adds a layer of uncertainty and intrigue to Half-Life2‘s plot. Monumental opening words, for a monumental game.

  • This is the second-largest monkey head I have ever seen

This video game is a great example of how a computer game can be as good as a Douglas Adams novel or a Terry Gilliam movie. There are several memorable stories throughout the game.

Monkey Island is full of clever comedy, as well as teasing us and leaving us scratching our brains over difficult challenges.

  • I used to be an adventurer too, but then I took an arrow in the knee. 

There is no other video game with as many illogical statements as this one. Every wounded guard in Skyrim‘s cities repeats this statement, and these seemingly irrelevant phrases captured the imagination of the whole gaming community in 2011.

This was perhaps the most popular term during the peak of its power, yet hardly one talked about it.

  • It’s super efficient!  It’s not very efficient…

It may seem unfair that I’m using two quotes here, but they can’t exist independently, much like yin and yang.

After spending so much time developing Pokémon, the most crucial part of the battle is when you are attacked or fight the enemy. And you were looking forward to how many percent of your health you could take with one blow. After each strike, you were inspired to read “very effective,” and vice versa, you were scared to read “not very effective.”

For those who have spent hours and hours immersed in the world of Pokémon. These two sentences will be with him for the rest of his life.

  • You died

There’s the classic “Game Over” or the slightly more terrifying “You’re dead” in games like Resident Evil or the God of War series, but there are no more ominous ending words than in Dark Soul.

Because death is so important in this game, and seeing those red letters appear on the screen was the worst nightmare you’d ever had. They might mean that you are searching for your soul from the place where you died, or, even worse, that you have entirely lost your soul and all of your game progress.

When you are defeated, you hope for a moment that you still have a drop of health and have the strength to get up to continue the fight, but when these ominous words appear on the screen and along with this, you still hear the mournful laughter of a thousand souls and understand that this is the end; your heart stops in fear. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can feel this way just by playing a game.

  • Would you be so kind

They are the most amazing words ever said in the history of video gaming while being so simple?`

You have the feeling that you are freely exploring a ruined planet, killing opponents, and trying to rid the world of Andrew Ryan’s craziness throughout the game BioShock. But once you understand what these words truly mean, your entire impression of the game and attitude toward it changes in another direction. As if some kind of psychological signal is programmed into these words, and you are doing everything exactly what Atlas asks. The main character has no control over anything; he simply follows commands. You learn you were also a slave after beating the game.

  • Monster kill

This sentence may be heard in the game Unreal Tournament. Some critics believe it to be one of the best video game lines ever spoken. The usual deep voice tells you about a headshot or combo kill, but it’s nothing compared to when you’re told you’ve killed five people in a row. This statement is perfect for your deadly achievements and killing ability.

  • The cake is a lie

In the gaming industry, Portal has become the biggest surprise of the new millennium. With a funny cartoon story full of catchy lines and smart language, this film is a must-see. The villain GlaDOS, who constantly persuades the player to be a guinea pig by promising a large cake at the conclusion of the tests, is the subject of the above quote. As you go through the game, you’ll discover that the cake is a lie.

Since then, this term has increased in popularity and usage, implying that the promised prize is only a means of manipulating the people to whom it was promised.

  • Kept You Waiting, Huh?

Solid Snake and his father, Big Boss (a.k.a. Naked Snake), have a lot in common in the Metal Gear series. A signature line is one of those things. Throughout the series, both characters often ask if they have kept anybody waiting.

While they usually ask other characters about it, Metal Gear’s frequent breaching of the fourth wall indicates that they’re probably talking to you as well. After all, the average time between MGS games was several years, thus fans were frequently kept waiting for the next edition.

  • I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.

This line is spoken by Joshua Graham in Fallout: New VegasHonest Hearts, and this character is more well-known than some uncommon weapons. After his sentencing, he was thrown into the Grand Canyon to be burnt to death, and this is how he told how he survived.

Many believe Fallout: New Vegas to be the series’ pinnacle, and it’s quotes like this that push the game to new levels. It’s strong and wise, which is why so many players identified with it and why it’s become a motivational t-shirt and necklace saying.

  • Hey! Listen!

Nintendo has created some of the best video games of all time, many of which feature our hero from Hyrule. Ocarina of Time, perhaps the best game in the Zelda series, was a generation-defying experience on the Nintendo 64 that many people still value highly today.

The introduction of the fairy Navi in Ocarina of Time was one of the most significant additions to the series. The Great Deku Tree calls Navi to help Link on his quest to stop Ganondorf from taking over Hyrule before they leave the Kokiri Forest. Throughout the game, Navi tries to draw Link’s attention to important things or areas in order to solve puzzles and progress. It’s difficult to determine if Link would have been able to save Hyrule without Navi.

  • I don’t need a weapon; my friends are my power!

When Disney and Square Enix came up with the bright idea of combining classic Disney and Final Fantasy characters together in one glorious ensemble, a lot of people started wondering what was in the water over there? However, Kingdom Hearts was formed from this ambitious project, and it grew into a major franchise.

There may be a few uncomfortable conversations in most Disney or Final Fantasy encounters. Some may find Sora’s undying love and devotion to his friends irritating, but it really highlights what a fantastic protagonist he is. Sora isn’t concerned about fame or fortune; all he wants is to save his friends and return home. That’s why, when he became Heartless, his love for his friends was enough to keep him alive.

  • The silence is your answer.

Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer.

This quote by Javik in Mass Effect 3 has caused a lot of debate, with gamers arguing its actual meaning. Some argue that the struggle for honor should not have been prioritized over the survival of a race, while others argue that honor should come first.

This discussion has preserved the game and the quote, making it one of the most famous video game quotations of all time. There are so many great lines from this game to choose from, but this one stands out for its depth. The unfortunate part of this quote is that people who experienced Mass Effect 3 when it first launched in 2012 might’ve missed it, as Javik was part of added content post-launch. Because Javik is included in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it’s highly recommended that you add him to the Normandy crew.

  • Finish him!

Mortal Kombat has been around for a long time, and gamers will remember the announcer’s booming voice. You could even hear someone say this in the middle of an argument or at the end of a fight, as they throw it back to when this game was the best there was.

The fact that it is being said today shows the influence it had on players, as they will always remember the instruction given to them by this announcer. Hearing the announcer shout this phrase is usually accompanied by pleasure after finally defeating your opponent, but it can also be followed by fear at the prospect of performing a devastating finishing fatality.

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