How to Grow Your NFT Project and Collections?

NFT doesn’t end with only creating, buying, or selling. There are many essential things you must know. If you already have your NFT, the next step is developing it.

We have explained why and how you must do this in this article.

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How to Start NFTs Promotion Process: Steps Explained

Different NFT types are becoming increasingly popular every day all around the world. They are allowing creators to create a platform around the projects that are meaningful to them. 

As an NFT artist or owner of an NFT art, music NFT, gaming NFTs (Illuvium, Shiryo Inu, Age of Gods), you would like to trade; you should generate awareness around your NFT to increase your success. This will give you more attention to your project and hype and help you sell it with the highest profit on certain websites, marketplaces, and online communities. 

Here you’ll find some steps you can follow to plan and launch successful NFTs in the competitive market field.

Project’s Purpose

The first step is to decide the project’s purpose. In other words, what outcomes do you want to get? Why do you create an NFT collection? What’s the message you’d like to bring to others?

The purpose is what makes people and communities better. Some common goals we see right now are a desire to get rich quickly, build a closer community, or provide utility to the audience.

 No matter what outcomes you strive for, it would be best if you defined them clearly, so you and your team have the right idea of where you are going with your project and what you want to achieve. Thus, be creative, free your mind and find your purpose.

Who Benefits From the NFT Collection?

NFT collection isn’t only a digital product, but it can be an organization, community, and company. The link between the natural and digital worlds can be a value generator. Consequently, the more value adds, the more people will want your NFT collection. 

It’s possible for NFT creators to obtain the actual value for their works and then interact with their consumers directly. Moreover, users who make the allowlist and later sell NFT gain a profit 75.7% of the time, while users who do so without being whitelisted gain only 20.8%.

The Team Behind

After defining your goals, you need a team that can execute your plans. It’s important to be sure that there is a team you can reach out to when in need. Your team might consist of leadership, artists, influencers and community managers. 

When you finally decide what type of art you want to use in your project, you need to find an artist that can realize your idea. Technical developers are also in need. They can help you in coding or develop a website for your future NFT project. 

As a founder, you should communicate your vision and idea in a way that your team will be able to understand, as well as get excited about. By the way, there is no need to share your real name, so a discord username is good enough.

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Starting With Marketing Questions

Marketing questions help showcase the project to the audience. It guides them in making sense and ideas. It’s also a powerful instrument for sharing background stories and promoting NFTs. 

Growing the community through direct relationships is vital. To build that community, you need exposure. You can do it through Twitter, Reddit, advertising, or Guerrilla techniques. But it would be better to do all of them. 

As a piece of advice, while building a community, it’s all about being authentic because people want to see a name and a face behind the product they are purchasing. That’s the way you’ll connect with people the most.

Perform Competitors Research and Understand Their Advantages

The NFT space is the fastest-growing industry right now. There is a lot of competition. 

Through aggressive marketing tactics, newcomers are trying to grab a slice of the pie.

Everyone is trying to offer something trustworthy, innovative, and reliable to grow. That is why you should find out their strengths and weaknesses before starting your NFTs promotion. 

Don’t focus only on the numbers. When researching other NFTs activities, you’ll notice that many Twitter accounts and Discord servers don’t have a community. It will not lead them to success. Make sure you do your research and have a plan before reaching out to influencers.

Determining the Budget

You need to determine the budget to start the NFT promotion. So what is the required funding to release an NFT collection? Most creators think that $100.000 is enough to promote NFTs, which can become the best on various platforms. However, these numbers aren’t accurate. By the way, not all NFT promotions must be paid, as you can get exposure for free.

Paid promotion can also depend on the social influencer. Some have many subscribers; they charge $200 for a tweet. But you can always negotiate with them. Location plays a significant role as well. For example, a team from India can afford to promote an NFT collection for $100.000, while another NFT project based in London may struggle with that budget.

Track Your Data and Efforts

NFTs are radically transforming the world of digital ownership day by day. New projects are being introduced, and it is essential for those who have invested in NFTs (or want to invest) to keep track of the most popular NFT initiatives to make sensible investments. So you should find the right promotional strategy for your collection with a little effort. 

Data is undeniably essential, as it can be used as a resource to generate profit, save costs and save global challenges. However, tracking NFT projects manually can be time-consuming. Fortunately, various analytical tools can help you solve this problem—for example, BitDegree, Moby,, etc. Thus, you don’t need to worry about calculating all by yourself. You only need to make a few clicks and get the results in front of you.

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Why You Should Start Promoting Your NFT Collection?

The NFTs world welcomes all creators, with or without celebrity. Many creators release their collection of works every day. But releasing NFTs is not enough for success; you need to promote your NFTs continually. This is the key to success in this big world.

Here are the main reasons why promote NFTs:

  • You can get more people to notice your art and motivate them to buy it by advertising it. 
  • By promoting your NFT Project, you attract not just collectors’ interest but also that of other artists with whom you might want to work in the future.
  • Day by day, new NFTs are being created; by promoting your NFTs, they won’t get lost or disappear from your field of view.

Join Discord Servers

Users of the social networking site Discord can communicate with one another by voice, video, and text. Discord is used by NFT projects to promote a sense of community and belonging. You can publish updates, news, and support concerning NFT Projects in your Discord groups.

You can’t miss Discord servers if you want to promote your NFT projects on platforms where people are ready to invest in big projects. There are many servers you can join to promote your project. 

Your audience is likely to be more interested in upcoming NFTs here because most Discord users are often quite willing to invest in them. You can even host and participate in Discord activities to build anticipation for your upcoming NFTs.

Join Quora, Reddit and Relevant Forums

Other platforms you can use are Quora and Reddit. They are the most popular platforms where you can find answers to all questions. The advantage of these types of forums is that they can gather like-minded people. Selling your quality artworks through these platforms won’t take much effort. 

Actually, a lot of fans and buyers are looking for the best NFT collections to buy on these sites. In order to promote NFT, you should use different approaches on each platform. 

So, building your community on Quora or Reddit is a great way to promote your NFT collection.

Host Contests

A fun contest should be part of your growth strategy, as everyone loves it. Contests are a fun way to attract potential buyers and get some hype. 

You can run various contests. For example, a food contest, so your art can be on cake or cappuccino, an art contest to invite your followers to draw your art in their style, and even a meme contest, as everyone loves to laugh, doesn’t require any special skills.

Use Paid Advertising to Promote NFTs on Social Media

Social Media is an ideal place to promote and market your NFT collection. Paid advertising means showcasing your NFT projects on different social media channels and websites. 

The most popular social media platforms among NFT communities are Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and Discord. 

In addition, for the best outcomes, you should use paid advertising with organic marketing. This is useful as you will generate brand awareness. 

It would be best if you started preparing your audience for the release for at least two weeks. Then build a backstory around your NFT collection, like what tool you used to create the pieces, the collection’s central theme, the mistakes you made, and so on.

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Get Featured on Relevant NFT Platforms

Another way is to gain exposure to relevant audiences and potential buyers by having your collection featured in online publications, communities, and newsletters.

Some NFT platforms have a separate web page with featured drops that you can leverage to market and promote your NFT collection. These marketplaces, like OpenSea, Axie, and KnownOrigin, create such pages regularly and attract a massive audience with the help of paid ads on social media. Afterward, you should promote your NFTs through a banner, post, link, paragraph, or full article in an NFT publication.

Collaborate With Industry Influencers

You can collaborate with influencers, musicians (NFTs for musicians), fashion brands, animation studios, and other NFT artists to release NFT collections. There are two reasons why collaborating with others can be helpful. 

  • Firstly, digital artists collaborate to enhance their artworks with the aid of other professionals. When artists collaborate with others, customers are more willing to buy more from them.
  • Secondly, they expand and exchange each other’s fanbase and audiences. The primary purpose of the collaboration isn’t monetization but recognition. Thus, reaching larger audiences and offering your assistance could be very profitable. 

If you are an artist, check how you can create an NFT :

✅How to Create an NFT Minting Site: Develop Your Own Website

Utilize Public Relations to Boost Awareness

Some companies advise boosting awareness through new storytelling and audience interaction techniques to entice buyers. To increase demand, it’s essential to encourage NFT-related publications so they can share news about your NFT art for sale through a press release.

 Within the press release, you should find the right approach to tell your story for it to be gripping enough to get coverage.

Establish a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Promoting your NFTs can be expensive and time-consuming. Make sure you have a powerful marketing strategy to help your NFT project start on the right foot. 

Additionally, you can start by building your plan to identify the target audience for your collection, determine USP (unique selling point) and develop a strategy aimed at the right buyers. Then, it’s possible to increase the selling and the price of your NFT at the highest possible selling price by simply consulting with a marketing expert.


One of the most popular strategies in the NFT community is organizing giveaways. It is an effective way to grow followers, increase engagement and build awareness for your NFT collection. Depending on your theme and budget, decide what and how many giveaways you can do. 

Artists can give away their NFT collectibles or physical pieces of their art. 

To organize giveaways, they usually adhere to the following plan: everyone who wants to participate has to follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms, tag a friend in comments, share the post on Instagram stories, retweet the artist’s content and finally recommend the project to a few of their friends.

Thus, this is an excellent opportunity to gladden your followers and attract new fans and potential investors.

Here are some tips for organizing a good giveaway:

  1. Set giveaway rules, depending on your goals, which could be anything from increasing followers to spreading hype 
  2. Announce the giveaway a week before the project launch to create anticipation and interest
  3. Tag NFT marketplaces, so users know where they can purchase your NFTs
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Brand Partnership

The brand partnership is a method that helps to build hype and speed up the success of an NFT collection. The support from brands means adequate resources and foundational strength for NFT, as well as budget and expertise to build a passionate community. 

Many companies have already experimented with NFTs like Coca-Cola, Nike, Gucci, and other companies are creating NFTs in various collectible formats to create exclusivity for their products.

Create Valuable Whitelists

Whitelist is another great way to grow your NFT project, and there are several benefits to being whitelisted. NFT whitelist is a database of loyal buyers that offers people a mechanism that guarantees protection from unnecessary competition and easy access to mint an NFT when it is released.

It’s like a VIP list for NFT projects. Only a few people get a chance to buy NFTs earlier than everyone else, and they can buy them for lower prices. Moreover, when someone is a part of a whitelist, it’s possible to avoid gas wars more easily. Through whitelists, creators entice potential buyers to purchase their NFT by offering them presale rewards and discounts.

Build a Website and Promote it With SEO

It’s essential to create a website to show your works as everything starts with it in the digital marketplace. Such a page will attract people who want to get to know the artist and his works better. 

Give people information about your project, the details of your collection, the roadmap, the team, why it’s great, why they should join the community, and so on. Remember that your website is the face of your NFT collection; that’s why it should look incredible. 

Anyone who decides to buy NFT will visit your website. So it’s desirable to make it colorful and attractive. Even though some websites can be one-pagers, it’s enough. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for creating a website, as it allows Google and other search engines to find your NFTs when users search for related keywords. It can also work for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Press Releases

Writing and posting press releases on various media platforms can help to enhance the credibility and capture attention for your NFT project. Press releases can be used to announce a new project or inform people about recent news. It’s also a good chance to share with the world the advantages of purchasing NFT. 

On the other hand press releases might be a bit pricey, but you can always find some deals or even benefactors. It’s possible to negotiate a few press releases or collaborate with NFT marketing strategies. 

Create Informative Videos

Today Internet users prefer videos to text-based material. The reason is that video marketing produces more interactions and hype than blogging. However, it should be noted that 60% of people usually quit watching a video after two minutes. That’s why make sure to create a quality video to stand out. 

Moreover, most people don’t know how NFTs work and what profits they could obtain by buying non-fungible tokens. The aim of creating informative videos is to target audiences with little knowledge about the working of NFTs. In other words, you should spread knowledge regarding why your NFT is unique and what benefit the buyers will get after purchasing it. 

In addition, you can hire a professional video marketing agency to develop a high-quality advertisement for you. Thus, by working with them, you can distribute the content on platforms that will provide maximum visibility for your NFT projects.

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Email Marketing

As an artist, you can send emails to your fans to keep them up to date with the latest events in the world of NFTs. There is a good platform for this, namely MailChimp. Many businesses use it to send automated emails to their target audience. Additionally, audiences will benefit from receiving personalized messages to their preferences and tastes.

Launching email marketing is simple enough:

  1. Identify the target crowd.
  2. Find their email addresses.
  3. Deliver the addresses to an email-sending site.
  4. Create content.
  5. Send the appealing emails. 

Good email marketing will help you build an atmosphere of loyalty among followers willing to stay informed about your new products and activities. 

Implement Cross-Marketing Strategies

Implementing cross-marketing strategies means collaborating with several businesses to offer multiple giveaways and gifts to specifics following other projects. The purpose of it is to allow their groups to come closer and create more media hype for upcoming launches. 

At the same time, this strategy motivates the customers to comment, give like and share a comment. Collaboration with other companies is crucial because they increase engagement levels.

Create Hype

NFT launch is an essential step that should be treated as a grand affair. NFT marketing is about building brand awareness, so when you hire experts, they can help you create hype around your project. 

The benefit of hiring experts is that they have experience, so it’s not a problem for them to help you promote your collectibles. In addition, to spread the news about the launch, you can go with various platforms, partner with influencers, participate in multiple community forums and get involved with several media outlets. Afterward, promoting your NFTs once you have them would be best.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to promote your digital collectibles. It’s a process where you can offer your affiliates a specific profit percentage after making sales. 

One can make money with affiliate marketing if all the basic requirements with deep research are done. As cost-effective, you should involve the affiliate program in crafting your NFT marketing strategy. 

Add Your Release to the NFT Calendar

The NFT calendar has the best NFT drops from different markets. It’s a fantastic source where NFT collectors don’t need to run from one site to another to find the best release. These calendars are unique platforms that can help connect with creators and buyers. 

Adding your drop to the NFT calendar is relatively easy. You need to fill out the available form with the following details of your release:

✅ The title of your NFT collection

✅ Information about the creator

✅ The description 

✅ Date and time of your release

✅ A marketplace where your NFT drops

✅ The link to your release

NFT calendars can also bring awareness to your collection, so you will see the audience grow in a short time. 

Create a Teaser of Your NFT Project

A teaser is like a short form of message about your NFT project, accompanied by an exciting image. The goal is to show what your project is about, keeping the intrigue simultaneously. Thus, it prepares your followers, viewers, and almost everyone on the Internet to anticipate the release. 

The teaser should be a 30-second video or animation that you can post on various social media channels, marketplaces, and platforms. Remember to be creative enough to draw your audience’s attention and interest, and make them wait for more details.

NFT Marketing Services and Branding

NFT projects can market and brand their collections with the help of various services. Marketing is vital when creating an NFT collection because such projects are designed around the hype and built until launch.

In addition, part of branding is to create a website that will offer detailed information to the visitors of your project. The design should show the main themes of your project. 

In the 21st century, you should advertise your product; that’s why you will be able to create confidence in the virtual world. Thereby, you will understand your customer’s requirements and gain credibility as long as you stay true to them.

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