Shiryo Inu: How to Play NFT Trading Card Game

What is Shiryo-Inu?

Shiryo-Inu is an NFT trading card game that operates on the Ethereum network. Behind this crypto project is a crack and enthusiastic team having everything to be successful: the DApp Development team, Web Dev and Design team, Illustrators team, Marketers team, and  Moderators team.

According to their whitepaper, the project will include implementing a token and LP staking program, a variety of play-to-earn game modes and an immersive journey to the Shiryoverse. The trading card game is the first step towards developing the Shiryo-Inu ecosystem. However, the team will go further on their roadmap focusing on Metaverse upgrade with VR & AR implementation, further marketing expansion into mainstream sectors and physical card pack and gameboard release.

The Play-To-Earn Gaming System 🎮

Shiryo provides gamers with a variety of methods to reward users through the game. Due to this important aspect, the competition will rise. Even the less experienced gamers will have the opportunity to earn through the game without the risk of losing their avatars or cards.

  • Shiryo Inu Avatars

Players can mint NFT Avatars that are available only on the official Shiryo website. The price for one such avatar is 0.05 ETH. And before beg

  • Card Wagering

Similar to Avatar wagering in the sense that prior to the match a player can wager a card that you are willing to hand over to the victor should you lose the game. Shiryo implements the matchmaking system, which will match two different players with cards of similar rarity and power.

  • Card Packs

As the name suggests, the most important aspect of this NFT Trading card game is the cards. The game runs in the form of Dapp allowing players to mint a pack of cards. The cards are NFTs living in players’ digital wallets. There is a variety of different cards, including common and element cards, mythic cards, legendary cards, rare cards and uncommon cards. The Shiryo gives players odds for getting the cards. Later they can sell the cards on the secondary market.

Weekly & Monthly Tournaments

The game offers different sorts of weekly and monthly tournaments in which players can work their way up the leaderboard and get rewards in the form of tokens, Shiryoverse assets, or card packs. The rewards depend on the position a player reaches on the board. Depending on the power level of their deck, players can participate in ranked matches (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

Shiryo Tokenomics

Shayro Inu, launched on the Ethereum blockchain, promises to become one of the best NFT games on the network. Shiryo-Inu is the native token of the Shiryo project with a total market capitalization of more than $100. It is an ERC-20 token. 

The Shiryo team has set one quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) maximum supply for the token. 100% of the token sale was a part of fair lunch with no presale or team tokens. Moreover, the team will implement a buyback program, which means that they will buy back 10% of each NFT transaction and burn. 11% of each NFT sale will be imposed as a transaction fee. As Shiryo-Inu is a reflective token, three percent of each NFT sale will go back to holders.

Shiryo Tokenomics

The Metaverse Expansions: Shiryoverse

The fastest growing platform Shiryo hasn’t just been limited to crypto geeks as most NFT games do. To fulfill its goals, the Shyro platform will become a part of the developing metaverse with its own Shiryoverse. The Shiryoverse will offer players to be transported to the four spaces related to the four elements of the card game namely Earth, Water, Air and Fire. 

It will provide players with an immersive gaming experience and allow them to enjoy the sights: volcanos, firey-looking beasts, some rolling hills, beautiful countryside, and a lot more. Players can hang out with each other at taverns, level up their beasts at training centers or rent out their land plots to others to make some passive income.

The Shiryoverse Plot

The game is set in the world of Edrea, which used to be a green, prosperous continent full of inhabitants. Edrea was divided into four lands: the Fire land of craftsmen, the Earth land of farmers, the Water land of fishermen and the last land of the most technologically advanced of all of Edrea’s inhabitants. 

Four different nations lived there in harmony. However, one full moon night, dozens of frenzied wolves, foxes, and other animals started attacking the inhabitants. That’s how the peaceful days of the continent were no more.


Recently play-to-earn games have experienced widespread adoption due to blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market implementation. And Shiryo project is among the newest P2E NFT trading card games that have their Metaverse. 

The unique nature of the game makes the project one of the most successful games: it will include implementing a token and LP staking program, a variety of play-to-earn game modes, and other upcoming programs like an immersive journey to the Shiryoverse. As Shiryo-Inu is a low capitalization token, it has all the elements needed to skyrocket.

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