Age of Gods: All You Need to Know About This NFT Card Game

The advent of NFTs has made gaming the most lucrative activity on the digital planet. And cardgames currently dominate the NFT-based gaming industry, with millions of people flocking to the play2earn platforms. Age of Gods, an AFKArena-inspired game by Juego Studio, is in its last stage of development. Read on to find out how to play, earn tokens and enjoy a battleground gaming experience.

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What is Age Of Gods: Everything About Play2Earn Platform

Age of Gods is a Role-playing action video game, that enables users to build up personalized teams of Gods, progress through challenges, level up and climb the Arena ladder. The game has been a curtain-raiser for Juego Gamestudio to enter the NFT world.

The NFT-based action card game rewards players with tokens of appreciation for their contribution to the gaming platform. With unique, rare, and super rare NFT assets, players can bolster their God’s defenses, get special weapons for their goddess and change different sorts of perks to enjoy their gaming experience. Currently, the game has crossed the mark of 83K Followers on Twitter.

How Does The Game Process Work?

The founders initially issued 5000 NFTs for a 25 BUSD unit sale price, and Binance’s NFT subscription mechanism enables gamers to participate in this drop. Once players progress through the storyline, they get numerous reward options, discover new arenas and expand the community to a higher degree.

Then players can follow how they stack up versus other users from all over the world and rank high in the Age Of Gods’ community. The game provides players with various sorts of gear, equipment and in-game assets that they can buy or sell in the Marketplace.

Game Mode

A game mode, one of the key game mechanics categories, has a significant effect on how other game mechanics behave. It may even change overall game goals like following a continuing storyline vs. playing a limited deathmatch session. As for Age OF Gods, the game provides players with a unique gaming experience through PvE (Player versus environment) and PvP (Player versus player) elements.

  • Campaign PvE mode

This game mode enables players to progress through a continuing storyline and set of adventures while unlocking rewards and discovering new areas. As players progress through challenges and level up, they can find themselves in the Global Ranking and reach top status inside the game’s community.

  • PvP/ E-Sports Tournament 

PvP elements are incorporated into Age Of Gods to engage users in several different ways by creating games within games. PvP mode is all about climbing the Global leaderboard and winning. Players build their personalized teams of Gods and compete against other offline players’ teams. Seasonal reset, which happens every 14 days, is the end of climbing the ladder.


Age Of God’s Superior NFT And Token Ecosystem

The combination of NFTs, blockchain tokens and play-to-earn mechanics has fueled the demand for the highly specific sector of the gaming industry: NFT-based cardgames. Age Of Gods’ token ecosystem hit the crypto segment by implementing above mentioned combination and introducing some attractive and innovative features like idle game mechanics.  

The AgeOfGods team has set a fixed limit of 1000 NFT per God for players once they start their journey. As the players progress through challenges, they can level up their Gods and get even more rare and super rare NFT. Players can trade these on the Marketplace.

The play-to-earn method enables gamers to benefit from their efforts on the gaming platform and earn rewards with almost every activity they take part in while playing. The players own full ownership rights over in-game items and get motivated to progress through the game.

What is AOG?

AOG is the token ticker for the AgeOfGods native token. The game promises to stimulate the AOG token value through a buyback program. In other words, the company will buy its own tokens using 100 percent of its net revenue streams. The point is to burn those tokens decreasing the total circulating supply. 

How To Earn More AOG?

Besides the earning options, like the play-to-earn method and buying crypto from cryptocurrency exchanges, players can earn tokens in different ways including

  • Inviting new players to join AgoOfGods (passive income)
  • Joining in the 14-day Global E-Sports Tournament 
  • Progressing through the Game and overcoming the big Boss challenge 
  • Remaining active on a daily bases
  • Auto Farming rewards based on your in-game level
  • Progressing in Guild  


The Age OF Gods offers players risk-free staking with a High Yield to get passive income. The players, who stake more, can reach higher VIP levels, thus broadening their offline gaming experience. They can use the tokens required as a reward and a predetermined lock-in duration to earn a desired return. The staking function encourages token liquidity through the platform and attracts long-term holders

What are Guilds?

Besides getting lucrative rewards and progressing, the game founders have an intense focus on building up communities and striking up friendships through the game. So, the game incentivizes players to team up through the Guild system (in video games, a guild is a community or a clan of organized groups of gamers). The Guild rewards players simply by logging in every day.

The Benefits Of Joining A Guild In AOG

Players want to get social to enjoy direct benefits for doing so. Joining the Guild provides  players with a number of additional rewards and perks, including

  • gaining access to the exclusive Guild Store
  • opening up the doors to several Guild Challenges 
  • participating in Guilds Wars


What Is Idle Gaming?

Idle gaming is an interesting mechanism that requires little to no need for active interaction from the player. The game developers noticed that players no longer would happily sit on their couches and get involved in a storyline. So idle games come to really boom the gaming world. 

How Do I Buy The AgeOfGods Crypto?

Players can buy the AgeOfGods crypto ($AOG) from several cryptocurrency exchanges: PanCakeSwap,, and Biswap. You can check CoinMarketCap for more.


NFT-based games have taken the gaming world by storm due to their great potential to reward gamers with extra tokens in exchange for their participation in in-game activities. Age Of Gods, in its turn, has emerged as a success story mainly due to its implementation of a unique combination of NFTs, blockchain tokens, and a play-to-earn idle gaming mechanism. This NFT-based action card game provides players with an immersive gaming experience and lucrative rewards. And we are more than sure Age Of Gods is going to be the next big addition to your portfolio.

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