How To Enter The Metaverse - A Beginner's Guide

The concept of the Metaverse has gathered high momentum in recent years. And if you want to participate in this life-changing experience, you should find ways to enter virtual reality. 

By following our guide, you will really get into the Metaverse, keep reading.

Table of Contents

How to Join the Metaverse Platforms?

Eager to be ahead of your time and join the Metaverse but not sure how to do so? Our step-by-step guide will shed virtual light on the platforms that are part of the so-called ‘’digital universe’’. Here is the list of the best Metaverse platforms that you can explore.

velcome to decentraland

 Decentraland is one of the most experienced veterans of the Metaverse. In this VR platform, you are a user and a creator. Decentraland uses its own cryptocurrency called MANA. So you can buy lands or wearables for your avatar. Remember, an avatar is your visual representation. If you use the Decentraland wallet, you can create your avatar and receive a passport. The former is your digital identity on the platform. 

One of the best things about Decentraland is that you don’t have to install any software. Just go over their website and follow our instructions.

  • Start your journey by pressing on Start Exploring button.
  • Then you will be given two options: Play as a Guest or Play Using Your Wallet. 
  • Are you a devoted fan of Virtual Reality experiences? Then you should set up one of the wallets Decentraland supports, namely WalletConnect, MetaMask and FortMatic.
  • By choosing Play as a Guest, you will have limited possibilities. You can’t claim a name, buy land or create assets.
  • offers you a useful page called Tutorials. Here you can learn different tips on how to use developer tools to create 3D content, games and apps for Decentraland.

 Another Metaverse gaming platform standing out from the crowd is The Sandbox Metaverse. The platform has a lot of promise. Here you can own a LAND, create content and monetize it.  The best thing about the platform is that you are the absolute owner of your content, that is to say, The Sandbox Metaverse is a perfect platform for investigations.

More than 165 companies, brands and famous artists have already partnered with The Sandbox, including The Smurfs, Snoop Dogg and Adidas. So without a second thought, go over The Sandbox Metaverse website and register. After entering your username, e-mail and password, you can download the Game Maker. Follow the instructions and open the application. Now you are ready for your universal journey.


Unlike other Metaverse platforms, Cryptovoxels tries to convey real-life feelings. You can attend concerts with other users within the game. You can experience a three-dimensional luxury shopping trip, a visit to an extensive art gallery of color photographs, a walking tour of medieval castles, and more.

And what about a movie night with friends? These all sound awesome, don’t they? You can host your friends within your own four walls. You can also visit the game as a guest but, in this case, you can not experience the game with all the features available.
You should enter the game with your JavaScript-enabled web browser and control the game with your mouse and keyboard. For a three-dimensional gaming experience, just use a VR headset. Visit the home page and start a game. The free version enables you to have a basic character and attend only community events.

Although the game is still in its infancy, we strongly believe it has a bright future.


Last but not least, we want to shed light on another Metaverse platform: Horizon Worlds. Unlike other gaming platforms existing in the Metaverse, Horizon Worlds is a social experience. Next to numerous benefits, it has several limitations, including:

  • It’s available only in the USA and Canada
  • It requires a Facebook account
  • You should be over the age of 18 years
  • You should have Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 VR (Virtual Reality) headset


Once you satisfy all the requirements, you are ready for your universal trip to Horizon Worlds. Just download the free application from the homepage. Follow the instructions such as assigning a password and four-digit pin code, typing a proper username, and using a valid email in case you need to recover your password. 

Equipment You Need to Enter the Metaverse

 Are you searching for something that will cut off your senses from the real world and instead opens up a new universe to you? Our guide will give you the detailed information you should know about Metaverse gear. You can access the Metaverse with your smartphone or computer for viewing the virtual universe. But only by using the right kit, you can immerse yourself in this digital universe. 

Before investing in a new VR headset, it might be worth thinking of which kind of gadget you need:

  • Standalone VR headsets are wireless and don’t need any external hardware. It is a single-piece hardware best for those, who appreciate functionality and mobility. Oculus Quest 2 is the best representative of standalone VR headsets.


  • PC VR headset requires a computer connection. Moreover, your computer must have a powerful enough Graphics Card, processor and screen. With PC VR headsets like Velv Index or HTC Vive Pro 2, you will get premium and dynamic experiences. 


  • Smartphone VR headsets offer you the easiest way to join the virtual world. Just place your smartphone into the tool and let the magic happen!

What Can Users Do in the Metaverse?

 The Metaverse is among the cutting-edge technology fields in our time. Although it is still  in its infancy, there are many platforms for users to grasp the basic concepts of the Metaverse. Companies like Microsoft, Meta (former Facebook), Sony, promise us the Metaverse will have boundless opportunities to offer the users. It will be a perfect platform for work, social interactions, gaming experiences and a lot more. Just keep reading to find out what can users do in the Metaverse.

  • Play Games. Yes, gaming platforms are awesome models of what the Metaverse can look like. Video games have a great ability to show you a fully-fledged virtual reality, especially when you play them with your VR headset on. You can create avatars, hang out with other users, purchase virtual real estate in the metaverse and build your own kingdom (consider that the digital land is already high-priced).
  • Attend a virtual concert. Picture yourself singing at the top of your lungs, and your favorite band is performing on stage. But you are in front of your PC. That is awesome, yes? Or you can go to a birthday, a movie night with your friends, an office meeting, or something else you can just imagine. The point is that the Metaverse is something other than just gaming. Roblox, for instance, has hosted a Gucci fashion show.
  • Use virtual reality. Big-name companies promise us that instead of our avatars, we can personally attend meetings ourselves. Of course, not physically, but with the help of a Virtual Reality kit. Horizon Workrooms would be a perfect example of working remotely.
  • Interact and make new connections. VR platforms make it easier to widen the circle of your friends without having to move from one place to place or even leaving the house. This can be a very beneficial experience for those living off the map, with narrow resources for social activities. The Metaverse will also be a perfect place for people with physical disabilities. There are several Metaverse games designed primarily to help people meet and forge connections.
  • Get a position in the metaverse. Once the Metaverse develops, its financial management will encourage special occupations that are not available anywhere else. For example, you can be a conductor and show new users the ways to explore virtual cities. Events like metaverse birthdays can also give rise to new jobs such as Virtual Reality events planners, designers, and so on.

What Currency is Used in the Metaverse?

 There are different types of cryptocurrencies used in the Metaverse. Coins like Ethereum, for instance, have a lot of opportunities to offer you. Due to blockchain technology, you can create or purchase unique artworks, songs and even a piece of furniture.

NFTs are responsible for users’ control over their digital properties. In other words, if you purchased a piece of LAND in any metaverse platform, NFTs are considered to be the proof of confirmation alongside with new terms like proof of humanity and soulbound tokens. The former is guaranteed by the blockchain.

You should admit that every metaverse platform has its native cryptocurrency, i.e. MANA for Decentraland, SAND for Sandbox, MWP for MetaworldPad, etc. 

Can I Access Metaverse on My Phone?

You can access the Metaverse with your smartphone. But consider that the smartphone is not initially made for the digital universe. With your smartphone, you can view different platforms, however, in order to delve into immersive experiences, you need Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality types of equipment. 

What Headset Do You Need for the Metaverse?

There are many factors you need to take into consideration before investing in a new pair of VR headsets. Choosing the right headset is the key to making an immersive experience in the virtual universe.  So, before acquiring a headset, it’s worth considering how much you are going to splash out. If it’s important that the kit be low-priced and accessible, then Google Cardboard will be your fellow traveler as it costs under $10. Or maybe you are a devoted fan of VR platforms and immersive experiences. Then Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index and PlayStationVR would be your favorite headsets.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the headset’s technical consideration. The headset with a higher resolution and great field of view can transfer awesome virtual reality experiences. Also, pay attention to positional tracking and audio, to get those universal feelings. 

And last but not least, think about the side effect of the headsets also known as ‘motion sickness’. You can have a headache, feel dizziness or even nausea when wearing your headset. However, VR tools are becoming ultra-modern, and this will decrease the risk of sickness. We strongly believe, we will physically adapt to these sophisticated tools in the near future.

You are now ready for a virtual trip to the Metaverse, using the information that you obtained from our article. Let’s just recap briefly on the central points once more:

  • You can enter the Metaverse by joining metaverse platforms like Decentraland Metaverse, The Sandbox Metaverse, The Cryptovoxels and Horizon Worlds.
  • With today’s cutting-edge technologies you can fully immerse yourself in digital space. You will need a stable internet connection, a smartphone or computer with a strong processor, and, most importantly, a pair of metaverse devices, i.e. headset, controllers, VR glasses, etc. 
  • You can play video games, go to virtual reality concerts, work, purchase virtual lands, create gaming platforms for other users and make money in the metaverse, that is to say, cryptocurrencies.
  • You should admit that every metaverse platform has its native cryptocurrency, i.e. MANA for Decentraland, SAND for Sandbox, MWP for MetaworldPad, etc. 

So, are you geared up for exploring the whole universe from home? If so, get into the Metaverse, a new world with great potential. We are more than sure, that the metaverse will become something extraordinary, and will transform the way people communicate.