What Are the Best Resources To Learn Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is affecting our every day life more and more. There is no turning back. So it’s time to learn more about it. I’ve collected all resources you will need to learn more about blockchain technology. It’s a complete list of websites, blogs, courses and more.

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Websites to Learn More About Blockchain


The Ethereum cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform website contains a lot of valuable links and information about how it works. You may begin by reading basic information about Ethereum and make your way around the site page by page. This page contains a list of useful links, along with Ethereum 2.0, DeSoc, Ethereum Optimism, Proof of Humanity and Soulbound Tokens. The lectures of Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum founder, are among them.

Blockchain and Money by MIT

Professor Gary Gensler of MIT teaches a blockchain course. There are 24 lectures in all, each lasting one hour. The course is also accessible on the MIT website, which includes additional reading material.

The course is designed with an emphasis on the economic aspect of the blockchain, but it still covers the topic thoroughly and is well suited for beginners, according to their Reddit post.

Mastering Bitcoin/Mastering Ethereum

Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum (read in that sequence) are excellent books for people interested in the technical side of things. The books are available for download on GitHub. According to the writers, anyone with a basic understanding of IT may read or understand the content.

Whiteboard Crypto

Short (from a few minutes to half an hour) videos explaining the blockchain on YouTube. All submissions are explained and typically address the question ‘What is…?’ (“What…?”). One of the most recent videos, for example, contains answers to commonly asked questions about Web 3.0.


WatTheBlock is a recommendation for those who are ready to pay to be led through the world of blockchain and find a new career in the field. EatTheBlock Online School is a Web3 technology theoretical and practical online training program. It was created by a developer from France with 15 years of expertise in the field.

Courses for beginners (general) and advanced students are available in a variety of formats (on a specific technology). The cost starts at $97.

The institution also has a YouTube channel where professors and guest experts upload videos.

A List of Blogs to Learn About Blockchain

  • Week in Ethereum is a weekly Ethereum and ecosystem newsletter. Week in Ethereum is a great place to get as much information about a topic as possible, whether you’re interested in protocol updates or the greatest blockchain editorial features.
  • ConsenSys Media: Decentralization news, ideas, and lessons from the blockchain industry’s opinion-makers. The blog, which is part of ConsenSys’ editorial division, offers inside information about startups. Interviews with technologists and entrepreneurs may be found here, as well as information on how decentralization is affecting people’s lives.
  • Blockchain Unleashed – The IBM Blog includes developer community news, interviews, presentations, stories, and insights. The influence of blockchain technology on corporate networks, transaction processes, and distributed ledgers is discussed by experts.
  • Anthony Lewis started the blog Bits on Blocks in 2015. Bits on Block is dedicated to providing simple, useful materials to business professionals. The blog’s creators think that cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology have the potential to improve the world.
  • Oracle Blockchain teaches how blockchain technologies work and lets you share real-world examples of their use. News, announcements, events, and articles on developer best practices can all be found on the blog.
  • The Quillhash Blog+ features the most up-to-date blockchain technology concepts and trends. 

Media Resources Blockchain

  • 101 Blockchains is a research and education company specializing in corporate blockchain projects. Its purpose is to teach professionals and give them practical knowledge to help them progress in their careers.
  • Blockchain News is a website that focuses solely on Blockchain technology and concepts. Richard Castelein, the publisher, founded the publication.
  • The magazine Blockchain Events List is dedicated to blockchain conferences. It keeps a list of upcoming local and worldwide bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and payments events up to date.

Blockchain Online Cources

This course will teach you core blockchain ideas, intuition, and hands-on training so you can rapidly get up to speed on everything crypto and blockchain-related. To finish the hands-on part of the course, all you need is a little math and a basic understanding of Python.

ConsenSys Academy, the educational arm of ConsenSys, a global leader in blockchain technologies, is offering this course. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to blockchain technology for both developers and non-developers. With your new, basic understanding of technology and this course, you’ll be well on your way to making informed strategic decisions.

You will learn how to use a blockchain in your organization in this executive briefing course. You’ll have the skills and information about blockchains to decide if it’s ideal for your company once you’ve finished this course.

In this Blockchain in Energy course, you’ll discover how blockchain works, where it came from, and why it’s giving energy users more control than ever before.

  • Blockchain Technologies are Changing Industries From edX

The Linus Foundation Blockchain for Business Professional Certificate program will teach you how blockchain technologies for distributed ledgers are transforming industries and what this new area means for you and your company. There are two graduate courses available in this program.

The 2 courses:

Course 1: Blockchain: Understanding its uses and Implications

Course 2: Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies

Books About Blockchain

The author of the book is Andreas Antonopoulos, a blockchain consultant for several Fortune 500 organizations, the founder of several blockchain companies, and a permanent host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast. He examines the Bitcoin network’s concepts from a technical perspective, which will be of interest to developers and software architects. Andreas also discusses technologies like Segregated Witness and Lightning Network.

The book is praised for having a great number of code examples and analogies that are accurate. “Learning Bitcoin” was released “under the banner” of O’Reilly and is now in the public domain. Andreas also authored an essay about Ethereum, which focuses on developing smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApp ).

Blockchain specialist Michael Casey, a senior fellow at the MIT Media Lab and head of the CoinDesk advisory board, wrote this book.

The complex technical ideas that underlie the bitcoin network are presented in layman’s terms here. At the same time, the book’s major focus is on the issues that prevent the widespread use of distributed registries throughout the world, including scaling issues and the need to change the trusted institutions that humanity has relied on for centuries.

A book about using public-key cryptography and symmetric cryptosystems to build safe, decentralized apps. Imran Bashir, a software developer/ architect and ITSM specialist, discusses Hyperledger frameworks and Linux Foundation blockchain plans. It’s worth noting that Imran has written another book about dealing with Ethereum and developing smart contracts.

This book may be thought of as a how-to manual for building trustworthy and transparent blockchain apps. It was drafted by a group of lawyers and technical specialists. Use cases and best practices for dealing with blockchain technology in the financial, government, and technological domains have been compiled here. You’ll also learn how to deploy a blockchain system in the cloud and what Web 3.0 is in this book (and how it works).

One of the greatest books about bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology starts from the beginning and explains everything. The author is a Princeton University professor. The book includes a free Coursera course.

The book also explains the technical details, while in the reviews, they write that even a freshman of the Faculty of Computer Science will understand the explanation.


In conclusion, Blockchain is one of the most popular topics nowadays. It is constantly developing and is used in many fields. Although Blockchain started as a cryptocurrency, nowadays it is widely used in different fields: e-commerce, logistics, banking, health care, finance, etc. And these resources will provide the learner a comprehensive overview on blockchain technology.

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